No outrage over Pak army brutality in Balochistan, says Karima Baloch

Banuk Kareema Baloch

BALOCHISTAN, Nov 22: A pro-independence leader of Balochistan has criticised Pakistan army for allegedly abducting more than 40 women in Pakistan’s troubled south-western province Balochistan recently, media reported.

Pro-independence leader of Balochistan and chairperson of the Baloch Student Organization-Azad (BSO-Azad) Karima Baloch, condemned the abduction of Baloch women by Pakistan army from Bolan region of the province.

“All feminists in Pakistan should be ashamed of themselves. 40+ Baloch women abducted by Pakistan Army and no outrage,” tweeted Karima Baloch.



“It has been thirteen days since Pakistan Army abducted 40+ Baloch women in Bolan. Where are they? Why no outrage?” added she.

“Being a woman in Balochistan is the most difficult thing today – They are most vulnerable to Jihadi and Army threats,” further said Karima Baloch.


UN’s silence on Balochistan’s human rights issue is encouraging Pakistan to continue the bloodbath. It is UN’s responsibility to intervene and stop the human massacre in Balochistan.

Relatives of abducted Baloch women and children urged the international media and human rights organisations to play their due role to expose the Pakistani atrocities against Baloch people.

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