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Courage under fire – Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur


Walking up to 30 kilometers a day is no mean feat even for a hardy lot and here were those delicate and weak girls, an old man and ten-year-old boy

Mir Muhammad Ali TalpurMir Jalil Reiki Shaheed, son of Mama Abdul Qadeer Reiki, was abducted on February 13, 2009; he was the information secretary of the Baloch Republican Party. Mama Qadeer naturally strove to secure the release of his son because the systematic policy of ‘kill and dump’ had started in earnest and the severely mutilated bodies of Baloch activists had started appearing in Balochistan. All he got in return for his efforts to secure his son’s safety was false promises or threats. Realising that the state was hardly being challenged for its atrocities, he decided to start a protest against the inhuman and unjust abductions and killings of Baloch activists. The protest is now 2,287 days old. There was a token hunger strike protest outside the press clubs on July 28, 2009. Moreover, on September 27, 2009 the Voice of Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP), an organisation for the recovery of the missing Baloch, was formed with Mama Qadeer as vice chairman and Nasrullah Baloch, whose uncle Asghar Bangulzai was abducted in 2001, as chairman.

موت کے سائے تلے شجاعت

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