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Baloch Women and Aurat March

The battle for women’s rights cannot be fought separately from the battles for other rights because all rights are intrinsically interconnected and will have to be fought simultaneously

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

The ‘Aurat March’ here on the 8th of March coincides with the ‘International Women’s Day’ which is observed as a Civil awareness day for Women and girls and also as Anti-sexism day and Anti-Discrimination Day. Celebrating such ideals should not have been a source of threat and annoyance to anyone of course except to those who have an inborn insecurity about women having a say over their lives; for unfortunately lives of women have been decided by and dictated by the patriarchy which prevails in most societies for long and these insecure ones feel threatened and imperiled by the freedom that women may succeed in securing by expressing their resentment and defiance at the male dominated homes, societies and states.

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