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Mama Qadeer Baloch denied medical treatment on Dr. Malik’s orders

Baloch national icon and Vice Chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) Mama Qadeer Baloch is very ill. He went to the government run Bolan Medical Complex Hospital (BMCH) for treatment. But the doctors there excused treating him citing the strict orders of the Chief Minister (CM) Balochistan Dr. Malik Baloch not to treat him if he ever visits any of the doctors there. He prayed to treat him on humanitarian basis but the doctors said we cannot and if we do we will immediately be sacked as we cannot lose our job for you.

Mama Qadeer recently visited the passport office to renew his expiring passport but they also refused to issue him a new one citing Pakistan secret agencies’ strict orders not to do so. They also said that your name is listed in the Exit Control List (ECL). He argued that it is the job of Immigration Department not the Passport Office but to no avail.

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#AwaranOperation: Baloch woman survivor narrates details

Balochi Transcription PDF:

Baloch woman from AwaranThis video clip comprises views of a woman abducted by Pakistan army from Kolwah, Awaran on the first day of operation and later released.

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Why Balochistan needs the attention of the USA

Tarek Fatah speech at a discussion on The Hill in Washington DC on the conflict on Balochistan hosted by congressman Chris Smith on July 22, 2015.

Tarek FatahTarek Fatah, is a Pakistan-born Canadian writer, broadcaster and a secular and liberal activist. He is strong advocate of an independent Balochistan. He writes a weekly column in the Toronto SUN and hosts a Sunday afternoon show on Toronto’s NewsTalk1010 Radio network. Fatah is author two books Chasing a Mirage and The Jew is Not My Enemy.


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July 15: Martyr’s day of Balochistan

Mir Muhammad Ali TalpurBaloch veteran and writer Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur shares his memories about the Baloch martyrs of July 15, 1960.

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No retreat! No Surrender! No compromise!


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Naazenk – A Praise Song Dedicated to Martyred Baloch Grooms

Martyred Baloch GroomsThis is how war-ridden Balochistan’s Baloch mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and lovers keep the memories of their loved ones alive now a day when their loved ones are brutally butchered by occupational forces of Pakistan.

Here a group of young women sing a praise song (naazenk) dedicated to the three martyred grooms of Gwarjak Mashkay who were brutally tortured and martyred at a Pakistan Army camp on April 21st 2015 after being abducted from their wedding beds.

Their names were Basit, Shahnawaz and Aijaz including his brother Aftab. Their crime was that they were Baloch political activists and closely related to the legendary Baloch commander of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) Sheh Akhtar Nadeem.

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June 1: Shaheed Professor Saba Dashtyari

Professor Shaheed Saba Dashtyari Interview by Homayoon Mobaraki

Courtesy : Rozhn TV 

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We are Fighting for the Survival of Humanity – Baloch Sarmachars

BALOCHISTAN: Baloch sarmachars (freedom fighters) of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) attend the funeral ceremony of the victims of August 28, 2014 attack on a Baloch Zikri shrine in Teertej area of District Awaran by Pakistani ISI backed death squad where 7 men martyred including Shaheed Raza Jahageer’s father Waja Bakhtyar Baloch and 9 people injured.
Here is what Baloch Sarmachars have to say to Baloch nation and the world.

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