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Hafizullah Hasani’s three-years-old mutilated body recognized by family

He was taken from home in Dalbandin by Pakistan army

A three-year-old body was found in Dalbandin, the capital of Chaghi District, Balochistan Province, on Thursday 10 September 2020. The family of Hafizullah Muhammad Hasani, a farmer who went missing four years ago from Balochistan, claims that it is of Hafizullah.

According to Hafizullah Mohammad Hassani’s brother Nematullah, his brother had been missing since August 30, 2016.

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The Amazing Journey Of Pakistani Students Who Joined The Baluchistan Guerrillas

In the 1970s, five young people studying in London joined the Baluch guerrillas and, along the way, joined another. The revolutionary socialists won the respect and admiration of this forgotten people

Editorial correction: “It was not Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri who contacted Mohammad Bhabha but it was Bhabha who contacted Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri and Babu Sher Mohammad Marri to work in Marri area”.

Note: English translation of an article written in Basque language by Karlos Zurutuza published on NAIZ on 29 Aug 2020.

Karlos Zurutuza

Ahmed hardly speaks of his time as a guerrilla. He is a journalist best acquainted with the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan today, so it is not surprising that he has sold a million and a half copies of his book “Taliban”, not to mention the signatures of the world’s major newspapers as analysts. In any case, before receiving all this fame, Ahmed spent ten years as a warrior with Baluch. We are talking about Ahmed Rashid.

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Who is to blame?

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Augusts do not augur well for Baloch people. Not that other months are any less gory and less punishing for them but somehow this month becomes painful for a reason of its own. To mention just a few; on August 26 falls the martyrdom of Nawab Akbar Bugti who was unlawfully killed in the Marri area of Balochistan in 2006 where he had gone because his bombarded ancestral hometown of Dera Bugti was under Pakistani army siege. Noteworthily, he who had advocated and practised the parliamentary approach most of his life was forced to realize that this approach was not only thankless but also fruitless for anyone wanting to secure Baloch rights in Pakistan.

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