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FC burns BNM founder Chairman Ghulam Mohammed Baloch’s house


File Photo of Ghulam Muhammad Baloch

BALOCHISTAN: Personnel of paramilitary Frontier Corps (FC) have set on fire the houses of Ghulam Mohammed Baloch and his relatives which were located in the same compound at Mand, Balochistan.

Late Sunday evening (15 Nov 2015), hundreds of FC soldiers surrounded the compound and torched 14 mud houses belonging to Ghulam Mohammed Baloch and his relatives in his native Mand town, a region bordering Iran.

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Dompas – Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

The colonisers know that the dompas on its own cannot satisfactorily control the population. There have to be other complementing mechanisms and arrangements to ensure the complete control they crave for

Mir Muhammad Ali TalpurThe colonists in South Africa knew they had to control all forms of dissent and ensure that they could engineer and monitor the demography according to their needs and wishes. Consequently, they introduced the pass, which was dubbed as dompas in Afrikaans, meaning stupid pass by Blacks affected by this inhuman and derogatory method of controlling the people who were the real owners of the land. Pakistan has come up with its own version of dompas for the Baloch people to ensure they have a free hand in plundering Balochistan’s resources. They have started in Gwadar but this will invariably spillover to the whole of Balochistan because they cannot fly from Gwadar to Kashgar, and will have to use land transport creating the need to secure routes. Their puppet, Dr Malik, is already voicing concern: “Hostile elements may try to disrupt the law and order when there is some progress on the construction of the Gwadar-Kashgar highway.” The intention is to provide grounds for the dompas system for the Baloch people. Initially, it will be a security measure but later will eventually create racist apartheid in Balochistan.

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Balochistan: Women and Children Abducted by Pakistan’s Army

Missing Persons

Pakistan’s violence towards the Baloch community has restarted; this week 13 women, along with approximately 28 children, have been abducted by members of the Pakistani army in Bolan Balochistan. The whereabouts of these women and their children remain unknown.

Read the full article, published by Balochwarna News, below:

QUETTA: A spokesperson of a pro-freedom Baloch resistance organization on Thursday said that Pakistan army had abducted several women along with their children in past two weeks against Baloch civilian population in Bolan Balochistan.

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