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Feb 29: Shaheed Abdul Waheed Baloch & Shaheed Salman Baloch

“Death is unavoidable; if we overcome the fear of it, then nobody in this world can keep our motherland a slave in rotten shackles.” Shaheed Abdul Waheed Baloch 

Shaheed Abdul Waheed Baloch & Shaheed Salman Baloch

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Remembering Abdul Rahman Arif and Mahbob Ali Wadhela

Mahboob Wadhela and Abdulrahman Arif

We shall not be Silenced, We shall not Forget, We shall not Retreat, We shall not Surrender

Occupying forces can never win heart and minds of a colonized nation. Their weapons of choice are fear, annihilation and demographic change for subduing it and eliminating the seeds of resistance.

By calling themselves “Sarmachar” Baloch freedom fighters have eliminated the psychology of fear. Sarmachar literally means “a person who does not care about his head” in other words fearless of death.

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Feb 23: Remembering Abdul Rahman Arif and Mahbob Ali Wadhela

Abdul Rahman Arif and Mahboob Ali Wadhela

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February 22, 2017 · 3:00 pm

Feb 13: Shaheed Sangat Sana Baloch


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February 11, 2017 · 2:00 pm

Shaheed Sangat Sana Baloch


Enforced disappearance is illegal, torture is cruel, custodial killing is unlawful and genocide has been declared a crime against humanity by the international community and the civilized world. Though the Baloch nation suffers all these gross human rights violations under occupation of Pakistan and Iran, but still the international community sits idle.

Today we narrate the life of Sana; we shall tell you how he lived and why he was killed.

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Jan 05: Shaheed Ilyas Nizar Baloch

Shaheed Ilyas Nizar Baloch

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January 4, 2017 · 2:30 pm

Protest against enforced disappearance of 4 Baloch youths in Kardigap Closed the R.C.D Highway


BALOCHISTAN: Woman and children protesting in Kardigap against the enforced disappearance of four Baloch youth by Pakistani forces blocked the R.C.D highway and the traffic on Quetta-Taftan road was disrupted.

According to details; Kardigap a tehsil of Mastung district erupted in protest after the arrest and then enforced disappearance of four football players from football ground by the Pakistani forces.

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