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Jan 27: Shaheed Mir Baloch Khan Noushervani


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BilaTakalluf with Tahir Gora Ep24 – Zaffar Baloch Claims: Pakistan Occupies Balochistan

Dr. Zaffar Baloch, the President of Baloch Human Rights Council – Canada unmasked the historical myths and lies of Pakistani establishment about Balochistan in an interview given to a Canadian Channel.

BilaTakalluf with Tahir Gora Episode 24

Host: Tahir Aslam Gora

Guest: Zaffar Baloch – President BHRC Canada

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IVBMP announcement
Date: 21/01/2012

International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (IVBMP) was set up to campaign against abductions, enforced-disappearances and extra judicial killing of Baloch political activists by the occupying states of Pakistan and Iran. One individual that co-operated with us in this campaign, at early days, was Mr Ahmar Mustikhan. From the very inception of IVBMP we were cautioned about the character and true intention of this individual by many Baloch who knew him more closely. Nevertheless, his collaboration with us was for a short period of time and relatively insignificant.

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An Agent Provocateur or a Baloch McCarthy in the Making

An Agent Provocateur or a Baloch McCarthy in the Making:

BHRC (Canada) Responds to Accusations by Ahmer Mustikhan

Toronto, Jan.-12-12 – Baloch Human Rights Council (Canada) has expressed concern over the string of emails received by BHRC office bearers in Toronto and Vancouver from Ahmer Mustikhan, a self-proclaimed journalist and resident of Washington, DC. The disturbing contents of the emails stated baseless accusations and threats to Aziz Baloch, Vice President, BHRC (Canada) and co-ordinator, International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons. In his emails, Mustikhan, founder of American Friends of Balochistan, accused Aziz Baloch of supporting a murder that took place in Balochistan (southwest province of Pakistan). Furthermore, in his emails, Mustikhan threatened Aziz Baloch that he would report him to the Canadian authorities, police, and RCMP for his alleged support to terrorism and murdering of civilians, namely Imtiaz Ahmed of Balochistan National Party by Baloch militants in late December 2010. This document is a case presentation of Mustikhan’s history of yellow journalism, blackmail, extortion, harassment, and intimidation of Baloch political personalities and activists. He calls his writings ‘guerrilla journalism’ and believes that he can get whatever he wants from his victims by intimidating them of dire consequences if the demands were not met.

Read:  BHRC Letterhead – response to Mustikhan in PDF

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Shaheed Naseer Kamalan & Shaheed Ahmed Dad Baloch

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Jan 17: Shaheed Nisar Ahmed Mengal

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Jan 15: Martyrs of Khuzdar

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