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Baluchistan: Missing Persons and the Question of Impunity

Countries with terrible human rights get on the UNHRC to protect themselves against being investigated, not to make change for betterment of human kind.

By: Juma Baloch

A day doesn’t go by without news coming from Baluchistan of Baloch people are being enforcedly disappeared by Pakistani state intelligence agencies, and this is not a recent phenomenon.

Baloch people and the situation of ‘missing person’ (as the enforced disappeared persons are called in Pakistan), go long back in the 70’s when the so-called democratic government of Z.A Bhutto’s was on the helm of the Pakistan state. But since the fifth wave of Baloch rights movement erupted in the late 90’s Pakistan stated to use this dirty war tactic in an epidemic proportion to crush it.

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June 18: Shaheed Mureed Bugti

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June 17, 2018 · 3:00 pm

The young dynamic visionary Baloch leader

Nawab Yousif Ali Khan Aziz Magsi

Nawab Yousif Ali Khan Aziz Magsi was born in 1901 in Jal Magsi, Balochistan. His father Nawab Qassir Khan Magsi was the chief of Magsi tribe. He learned his Basic and religious education from Qasi Rasool Buskh. Mulana Gulam Qader of Baulpur taught him Urdu, Persian and Arabic. He became a pupil of Kaniah Lal of Lahore to learn English. Under the guidance of such great teacher of there time Yousif Magsi personality was build, which made him the visionary, revolutionary, freedom loving leader of the Baloch nation.
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Iran: Baloch Children Deprived Of Education In Sistan And Baluchistan Province

The governor of a town in Sistan and Baluchestan Province says the majority of those children deprived of education do not have identification documents.

Homeira Rigi, the Governor of Qasre Qand who is the first female governor of Iran, talked to ILNA about the high percentage of children and teenagers deprived of education in the province.

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April 03: Martyrs of Murghaap

Martyrs of Murghaap

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March 26, 2018 · 3:00 pm

Mar 22: Haji Mohammad Hayat Jamaldini

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March 21, 2018 · 3:00 pm