UK Baloch Diaspora raises stink about rights violations back home

London demo SaveBalochWoman

LONDON: The Baloch Diaspora in London held a peaceful protest here on Saturday to raise awareness about continued human rights violations by Pakistani security forces on Baloch civilians, as also voicing their concern over the abduction of Baloch women and children.

The protestors were carrying placards and banner inscribed with different slogans against human rights violations in Balochistan.

They also chanted slogans against the Pakistan state for its unabated ‘crimes against humanity’ in Balochistan and demand from the international community to take notice of ‘Baloch Genocide’.

Dr. Shazavar Baloch, a Baloch activist, said, “We have gathered outside BBC World service to highlight the heinous crime of Pakistan state and demand the safe release of Baloch women and children. The international media is not allowed to visit Balochistan and report freely about the ongoing human rights violations there. That’s we are demanding from world media including the BBC World Service to help us raise for release of abducted Baloch including 28 women and their children abducted recently in Bolan Balochistan.”

The protestors said that the Pakistani military have abducted and killed thousands of innocent Baloch, including women and children since it occupied sovereign state of Baloch, against the will of Baloch nation, in 1948. The occupying state atrocities in Balochistan continue unabated to this day.

Over the years, Pakistani forces attacked several civilian populations in different areas of Balochistan. Three weeks ago Pakistan Paramilitary forces and military abducted around 28 women and their children during their vicious attacks against Baloch civilians in Bolan district of Balochistan. The whereabouts of these women and children remain unknown after 14 days of their abduction by Pakistani forces.

Last week, the relative abducted women held a Press Conference at Quetta Press Club and urged the media to play their role for safe release of innocent Baloch children and women. They issued names of some abducted women issued to media are as following:

  1. Dur Bibi wife of Washo Chalgari Marri.
  2. Gull Pari wife of Dilwash Marri abducted along with 4 daughters.
  3. Bakht Bibi wife of Dilwash Marri abducted along with her son and 3 daughters.
  4. Bibi Durbakht wife of Rahmdil Marri abducted along with four daughters.
  5. Bibi Zarmedo wife of Gazzo Marri.
  6. Hata Bibi wife of Ali Marri abducted along with 2 sons and 2 daughters.
  7. Jar Bibi wife of Kaalo. Marri abducted along with 17 year daughter Haan Bibi and six children.
  8. Bibi Waeri wife of Ali Marri.
  9. Gull Bibi wife of Tango Marri abducted along with two kids.
  10. Jaan Bibi wife of Lala Mohammad Marri.
  11. Bibi Hani wife of Ali Bakhsh Marri abducted along with one daughter.
  12. Bibi Noorbano wife of Mullah Nazar Mohammad abducted along with two children.

The relatives of abducted Baloch women also said that Bibi Sahto, 80 year old mother of Washo Marri, has been tortured to death by Pakistan military in their custody and her dead body was dumped in the area.

Separately, in a statement, Baloch leader Hyrbyair Marri said, “The recent military attacks in several regions of district of Bolan including Marwaar, Saangaan, Margat and Lakkad are continuation of this bloodthirsty policy of Pakistani state.

“In these military offences the Pakistani forces destroyed several houses by aerial bombardment, tortured many Baloch civilians, threw elderly people in burning fire and abducted several men, women and children,” he said.

Marri said that Pakistan is ignoring all international human rights laws while United Nations is silent. Keeping quiet on such heinous crimes raises a serious question on credibility of UN. Pakistan, seemingly, is a signatory of UN charter for human rights.

“Under international laws Pakistan is bound to respect the Human Rights conventions including all articles listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). On the contrary, Pakistan is disregarding all human rights conventions in their bloody military assaults in Balochistan. Pakistan army is committing genocide in Balochistan,” he added.

He said besides Baloch massacre, abduction and kill and dump of Baloch activists, the Pakistani forces have initiated another sinister policy in the past days. They are now abducting Baloch women and children in masses. In district of Bolan they abducted 28 Baloch women and their children during past three weeks’ military offensives.

Marri said that the United Nations condemned and expressed serious concerns on the abduction of women by Boko Haram and Iraqi Jihadist groups. However, there is no reaction from the UN when Pakistani (Punjabi) army who share the same Islamic fundamentalist ideology as ISIL and Boko Haram abduct Baloch women and children.

“The silence of UN and other Human Rights Organisations does not only degrade their claim as the guardian of Human Rights but it is encouraging Pakistan to carry on its vicious war against Baloch people,” Mr Marri said.

It has been noted time after time that whenever the Baloch nation is engaged in any act of self-defence the UN and other Human Rights organisations are quick to raise much huge and cry against Baloch movement. Whereas in fact the UN and other Human Rights organisation should paid more attention to Pakistani state terrorism against Baloch nation.

Marri said dividing line between the Baloch nation moral, legal and cultural codes to that of Punjabi rulers of Pakistan has become clearer due to Pakistani military crime against Baloch people.

Marri said, “Baloch cannot tolerate such criminal acts of barbarism and they will not stand by idle when the Jihadist Punjabi army of Pakistan is abducting and mistreating Baloch mothers, sisters and daughters.

“If the United Nations and other Human Rights Organisations are colluding with the fundamentalist state of Pakistan and overlook Pakistan’s heinous crimes against Baloch people – then they too are responsible for their failure to act.

Source: ANI


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