Balochistan: Thousands protest against enforced-disappearances of their loved ones

Occupied Balochistan: The families of abducted Baloch took out a protest rally against human rights violations and kill and dump of their loved ones by Pakistani security agencies. They demanded from the UN to take practical steps and play its role for safe release of enforced-disappeared Baloch.

According to details thousands of people rallied from Quetta Press Club to Assembly Chowk (roundabout) and staged a sit-in protest outside Serena Hotel where the UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances had arrived to investigate the issue of missing persons in Balochistan. The Baloch Human Rights Organisation had given the call for the protest rally. The peaceful protesters were holding pictures of their disappeared and killed loved ones and placards inscribed against state atrocities in Balochistan.

Relatives of enforced-disappeared Baloch and the leaders of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons addressed the rally. The speakers included Chairman of VBMP Nasrullah Baloch, sister of abducted Zakir Majeed Baloch, sister of Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch, sister of Sami Mengal, sister of Waja Wahid Baloch, sister of Kabeer Baloch, daughter of Munshi Mohammad Bux Baloch and Advocate Munir Mirwani, brother of Hameed Jamal Baloch and several others. The speakers and participants of the rally welcomed the UN WGEID to Balochistan and expressed the concern over the continued abductions and extra-judicially killings of Baloch activists. They charged that a calculated genocide of the Baloch nation was underway as Baloch youth were regularly being abducted, tortured and killed in custody by state security forces.

The speakers further said that most educated and politically conscious youth including students, doctors, teachers, lawyers, university professors and intellectuals were being killed in custody and targeted killed by proxies backed by the state forces. “Over 400 Baloch have been killed under custody and around same number of people have been target killed but nobody bothers to even question the perpetrators.” The speakers further said, The UN mission’s visit was a positive step but the tragedy of enforced-disappearances in Balochistan could not be resolved from a hotel room. The delegation should visit those areas of Balochistan where the military operations are continuing. Hundreds of youth have been abducted from those areas and people’s houses have been destroyed, crops set on fire and livestock looted. Those people do not have approach to cities and media does not bother to report their plight.

The families of enforced-disappeared Baloch said it was disappointing that the Chief Justice has refused to meet the UN team. They said the judiciary in Pakistan was well-aware of the real culprits behind abductions and extra-judicial killings because during the hearings they have several times indicated the involvement of Pakistan’s security agencies but it was beyond understanding that none of the perpetrators have so far been arrested.

The Baloch Human Rights Organisations said they have succeeded to bring the plight to Baloch people to the attention of International Community and UN team’s visit to Balochistan was the result of their struggle and sacrifices made by Baloch youth. They vowed to continue their struggle until the release of all abducted Baloch. They appealed to the UN to take practical steps for securing safe release of enforced-disappeared Baloch activists.

Meanwhile hundreds of Baloch families, on call of BHRO, held a protest demonstration outside Karachi Press Club against disappearances in Balochistan. The protesters strongly criticized the Pakistani civil society and judiciary for avoiding meeting the UN team during their visit to Balochistan. They praised the UN team for its visit and meeting the families of abducted and extra-judicially killed Baloch persons.

They said the visit of UN team was the result of continuous demands of the Baloch nation for International Community to take notice of state atrocities in Balochistan. The BHRO said Pakistani institutions and media have always tried to misrepresent the issue of enforced disappearances and extra judicial killings and tried to mislead the world about state atrocities and violations of international laws. Hence, it was extremely important that UN meet visit Balochistan to find out the ground realities. They said the UN’s visit to Balochistan has created fear and panic among the Pakistani civil societies and media that is why they were taking help of lies and baseless allegation because they knew their real face was going to be exposed to the world.

The BHRO leaders said Baloch nation has high expectation from the UN team that they will fulfill their responsibilities and highlight the Baloch plight. They said Baloch do not expect justice from the Pakistani constituted commissions that is why they pinned their hopes to independent bodies like the UN. They appealed the UN to take practical actions against Pakistan in accordance with International laws to stop the unabated state terrorism in Balochistan from past many decades. “We appeal the UN to take practical steps for release of Baloch missing persons and ongoing human rights violations in Balochistan”, said the BHRO leaders.

Courtesy: Bloch Warna

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