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Baloch Journalist shot dead in Khuzdar

Occupied Balochistan: Unidentified gunmen shot dead a reporter of, ARY, a Pakistani TV channel in Khuzdar town of Balochistan Saturday 29 September 2012, evening. The deceased was returning home from his office when he was attacked.

According to details, Abdul Haq Baloch, senior journalist and General Secretary of Khuzdar Press Club and a reporter for Daily Awam, was on his way when armed men wearing masks opened indiscriminate fire on him. Resultantly, he died instantly.

The family sources of Mr Baloch said that he had not received any threat previously.

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COMMENT : A ray of hope? — Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

There is no denying that Sardar Akhtar Mengal has influence but his capitulation has alienated many Baloch people and his powerbase will erode rapidly

Sardar Akhtar Mengal’s unexpected capitulation and appearance before the Supreme Court (SC) has pleased a few but angered a majority of the Baloch. He has climbed down from his position of demanding an independent Balochistan. In the Daily Times of May 8, 2009, its then Quetta correspondent Malik Siraj Akbar reported Akhtar Mengal’s speech from the western Panjgur district bordering Iran. Mengal said that the ultimate goal of his party (BNP-M) was to seek Balochistan’s independence from Pakistan, for which the party was striving to prepare the ground and ensure unity among all Baloch nationalist political groups. The BNP-M chief said the Baloch had become tired of the unabated military operations and the excessive exploitation of their natural resources by the federal government, and now the BNP-M wanted the separation of Balochistan from Pakistan. Such climbdowns certainly have good reasons, the good reason here being a shot at the lucrative chief ministerial post. A bad bargain for sure, because Baloch rights would be bartered for a pittance. Wading through Baloch blood to this coveted position is insincerity personified.

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