Baloch National Movement delegation informed UN WGEID about state atrocities against Baloch people

By Archen Baloch

Occupied Balochistan: In a statement the central spokesperson of Baloch National Movement said that a delegation of BNM, headed by Vice chairman Sayed Yousif Baloch had a meeting with UN visiting team to Balochistan in Quetta and apprised it about the current situation of Balochistan: the human rights abuses, state sponsored atrocities and the Baloch Nation Crisis.

According to details Mr Baloch has presented a letter along with a documentary book, “Titled: The Brutal Counter Insurgency and State Terrorism of Pakistan”, to UN working group on behalf of the central general secretary of the Party. The book highlights the state terrorism, the mass murder of Baloch People, enforced disappearances, and their subsequent killed in custody and dumping of their mutilated bodies. The BNM was given 30 minute for their presentation on this occasion the vice chairman of BNM Sayed Yousif Baloch said that Baloch crisis was not merely a humanitarian crisis; it was rather a pure illegal occupation and regaining Baloch sovereign state.

He emphasised that all reasons and circumstances must be explored as to why Baloch were being made victims of enforced-disappearances and subsequently killed in cold blood? He said it was incumbent that the UN conduct an in-depth investigation of Baloch crisis to find out why the situation is so extremely volatile? He said that Balochistan was not a province of Pakistan, it was rather an occupied territory and it is crisis is totally different from that of FATA and other region. He remarked that the Baloch nation would not abandon its freedom struggle even if Pakistan was not committing Baloch genocide and atrocities. He said that his Party deliberately does not describe the abducted Baloch People as missing persons because they have been abducted by Pakistani security apparatus in broad day lights in presence of their family members and other eye-witnesses. They main reason behind their abduction is the outright demand of liberation of their homeland from Pakistani occupation.

The massive number of custodial killings and dumping torture and bullet-ridden bodies on roadsides confirms the fact that they want to constrain the Baloch freedom struggle through human tragedy of massive scale infliction of pains and create terror in the minds of People in effort to pressurise them from taking part in Independence movement. The statement issued by BNM further said the state security forces for employing evil designs and mediums to defame and deter the Baloch resistance.

Baloch leader Sayed Yousif said that it is unfair to say that the Pakistan state atrocities begun in 2000 in Balochistan because Pakistan attacked and occupied Balochistan on 27 March 1948. He said, “The invasion of Balochistan was against the will of Baloch masses; hence the beginning of Pakistani state atrocities against Baloch nation.” He said that Balochistan was an independent state and the British were an important historical eye-witness of Baloch sovereign state. The BNM leader said that Pakistan, a member state of the UN, has violated the UN charter when it forcefully annexed the independent Baloch state in 1948.

He said, “The United Nations team must not look at Baloch crisis as a humanitarian crisis only, but rather it should see through the historical, geographical and cultural background of the Baloch crisis which is directly related to the fact that Baloch were an independent nation.”

He urged the UN to use its influence in resolving the long bloody conflict in accordance with Universal laws. The Baloch leader said that no organization, including United Nations can resolve the issue of enforced disappearances unless United Nations and International Community morally support the Baloch National Struggle for freedom. He most of the victims of extra-judicial killings, enforced disappeared, target killings were members of pro-freedom Baloch political parties. Among them prominent was Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, who was the central chairman of Baloch National Movement. The UN had taken notice of his killing in cold blood but they so far failed to pressurise Pakistan to arrest his killers. Zakir Majeed, the vice chairman of Baloch Students Organization Azad, Jalil Riki, the information secretary of Baloch Republican Party and all others belonged to freedom movement and were prominent member of their respective parties. He after freedom Balochistan will become a responsible member of the United Nations and work for world peace and prosperity, unlike Pakistan which is a security risk for world Peace.

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