Jamil Bugti proposes re-demarcation of Balochistan

Says Dera Ghazi Khan, Kandkot, Kashmore and Jacobabad be merged into Balochistan for plebiscite

QUETTA: Nawabzada Jamil Akbar Bugti has proposed re-demarcation of provinces on ethnic, linguistic and cultural basis remerging Dera Ghazi Khan, Kandkot, Kashmore, Jacobabad and other Baloch areas into Balochistan before any plebiscite is held ascertaining the will of the people to remain in Pakistan or not.

Addressing a press conference at the Bugti Bolak on the fourth death anniversary of his father Nawab Akbar Bugti, he said it was a democratic proposal and Pakistan as a civilised country should accept it.

صوبوں کی حد بندی کرکے، اقوام متحدہ کی زیرنگرانی بلوچستان آزادی معاملے پر ریفرنڈم کرایا جائے: جمیل اکبر بگٹی

He said the plebiscite in Balochistan should be held under the supervision of the United Nations as was done in East Timor and other areas.

Hundreds of people attended the fateha khwani for late Nawab and langar was also distributed. A large number of Bugti tribesmen, politicians, former ministers, tribal elders and political activists participated in the function. Jamil Bugti said the Pakhtuns were residing on their own national homeland and the Baloch laid no claims to their territory and resources.

He lamented the differences among the Baloch nationalist parties and appealed to them not to take their differences public, or at least avoid media in the interest of Baloch rights and unity.

Rebutting the charges that the Baloch militants were receiving Indian money, Bugti said now the Pakistan government had accepted Hindu money and had thanked India for the generosity.

He said he had received a question from the police as to where Nawab Bugti was assassinated. He deplored that the police had registered a first information report and still had not been able to locate the scene of crime.

Bugti said the government was incapable of implementing the court orders and would not arrest the culprits, particularly former army chief general Pervez Musharraf who was bid farewell with an official guard of honour. He claimed that an army captain was involved in the Dr Shazia Khalid rape case. He said the government had protected the rape accused and refused to punish him. On the contrary, Dr Shazia Khalid was expelled from the country and no inquiry report on the subject was made public.

He condemned the role of religious parties and said that they were equally responsible for military operation in Balochistan, culminating in the assassination of Nawab Bugti.

He said Jamaat-e-Islami was part of the MMA government in Balochistan that had made a formal request to the federal government to use the army against the Baloch people.

by Mohammad Zafar – Daily Times


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2 responses to “Jamil Bugti proposes re-demarcation of Balochistan

  1. Murad mazari

    Demarcation based on ethnicity is a genuine democratic demand that has widespread support of local Baloch residing in these districts. Many problems arise as a result of arbitrary boundary lines drawn without regards to local sensitivities as was the case of these Baloch majority districts in both Sind and Punjab. Local empowerment especially in terms of ethnic demarcation is absolutely necessary.

  2. Dr. Ahmed Makhdoom

    Now, this is very disappointing and disturbing! Sindhis have always supported the Freedom struggle of Balochistan. In these very columns I had, personally, been very vocal in paying tributes to the Baloch Martyrs and vociferously condemning all vile and vindictive actions of Paki Army, ISI and others against Baloch brothers and Balochistan!

    Extremely pained, disappointed and disgusted at such a thoughtless, senseless and divisive statement of Nawabzada. The ugly demand, that the cities and towns of Sindh – Kandhkot, Kashomre and Jacobabad – by someone whose father was a great patriot and valiant fighter and I had written so many articles on him and his Shahadat on Facebook, eGroups and Newspapers, this is really shocking and disgusting!

    This demand is in a very poor taste! And, we condemn, disapprove and censure, whole-heartedly and vehemently, such a divisive and derogatory act of a responsible Baloch leader against Sindh and Sindhi people, who had always stood side by side, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand with their Baloch brothers everywhere and anywhere!

    Waja, you can have as much an area of Punjab as you like, but, not a single centimetre of Sindhi land will be allowed to be misappropriated or incorporated into any other lands, even Balochistan.

    We demand an immediate retraction from these acts of treachery towards Sindh and request my Baloch brothers and sisters to, kindly, refrain from issuing such divisive and unworthy statements at once! We also demand a formal apology from the Nawabzada to the entire Sindhi Nation! Long Live Balochistan! Long Live Sindh!

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