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Pakistan has not won any of its wars, but it’s been brutal to the people living under its boot

On the 63rd anniversary of Baluchistan’s declaration of independence, Hayrbyar Marri, a prominent leader of the Baluch cause, speaks in an exclusive interview about one of the world’s most forgotten conflicts. “There is only one point to negotiate with Pakistan—insists Marri—and that’s the unconditional withdrawal of all occupation forces.”

Mr. Marri’s manner is slow and reserved and he stares directly into the eyes of his interviewer. One may feel somewhat uncomfortable initially, but soon realizes that his attitude is not defiant, rather it reflects the style of traditional Baluch leadership. In fact, we’ve seen him smile before the interview when he told us about his recent fatherhood, and again when he expressed regret over not having brought a certain copy of the New York Times along—the very one that announced Baluchistan’s declaration of independence 63 years ago today.
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گیارہ اگست، بلوچستان بھر میں قومی پرچم لہرادئے گئے، فورسز ہائی الرٹ، متعدد گرفتار

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MA Jinnah letter to Khan of Khalat Ahmed Yaar Khan – 1948

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