Death Squad leader Shafeeq Mengal is Organizing ISIS in Balochistan


BALOCHISTAN: The Pakistani army’s patronized death squad leader Shafeeq Mengal has now been exposed as the trainer of suicide bombers belonging to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The failed suicide bomber Usman who tried to blow himself during Eid-ul-Azha, on 13 September 2016 in Shikarpur, Sindh became the first suicide bomber to be apprehended alive in Sindh Pakistan.

A private Pakistani electronic media channel Geo TV reported in its news that “Security officials claim that Usman and his accomplices spent about three months in Waddh area of Balochistan’s Khuzdar district where they were guests of Moaaz and Arif at a compound provided by Shafeeq Mengal.

Shafeeq Mengal it be mentioned is a resident of Waddh and a son of former state minister for petroleum Naseer Mengal. In the latter half of 2008 under patronage of Pakistan army he had set up a pro-government tribal militia (death squad) known as the “Baloch Musallah Difaee Tanzeem” and in 2011 he renamed his organisation the “Haq Na Tawar” . The Mass graves discovered in Tutak, Balochistan on 25 January 2014 were a clear evidence of Shafeeq Mengal’s involvement in Baloch genocide under patronage of Pakistani state. The judicial commission formed to investigate the mass graves conveniently found no one guilty.

Shafeeq Mengal had not been seen in Khuzdar for the last three months then suddenly two weeks ago he was back in the area. According to reliable sources Shafiq Mengal along with his close confidants traveled to Syria via Afghanistan. In Syria he met senior leaders’ of ISIS and has now returned back in the area with some Arab ISIS members.

Since his return back, he is actively setting up camps of ISIS in Khuzdar, Waddah, Baghban and other areas in the district. Local sources say Shafeeq’s people with their Arab ISIS friends are openly preaching in the area, inviting local to join ISIS and recruiting new members for them.

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