Activists of BRP and BRSO took out a protest rally in Turbat against forced annexation, atrocities in Balochistan.

brp-rally-in-turbatOccupied Balochistan: (25 Mar, 2013)Thousands took out a protest rally in Turbat organized by the Baloch Republican Party and Baloch Republican Student Organization against the illegal Pakistani occupation in Balochistan, March 17 massacre in Dera Bugti and human rights violations in Balochistan. The participants also included a large number of women and children. The rally was launched from boys and girls colleges Turbat at the same time and later headed toward National Bank square and then to Shaheed Fida square. From there the rally marched to Ata Shad square and passing through different streets of the city returned back to Shaheed Fida square where a sit-in was staged.

Boy and girl activists did wall chalking and distributed pamphlets of BRSO and revolutionary literatures of BNM. The participants chanted slogans in favor of BRSO, BRP, BSO-Azad, BNM, BRA, BLF, BLF, Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti, Dr. Allah Nazar and other pro-freedom organizations and leaders. The rally participants condemned Pakistani parliament, elections and parliamentarian political parties and politicians.

Addressing the sit-in at Shaheed Fida Square, speakers said votes and elections of Pakistan were state tactics aiming at strengthening illegal occupation on Balochistan. They said that Baloch nation must boycott upcoming Pakistani elections to foil dirty aims of the parliamentarians. Baloch struggle is an established fact, they said, and it is because of tireless struggle of the freedom loving parties and organizations that the world has recognized Baloch movement and Balochistan is getting closer to its freedom by the day.

They said: “State atrocities, detentions, torture, mutilated dead bodies, military operations, bombardments are not going to deterBaloch struggle rather energizing the movement. Forced annexation has failed before the Baloch people’ will to freedom and today every city and village of Balochistan is echoing with the cries of freedom. March 17 Dera Bugti martyrs sent the message of freedom by rendering the sacrifices of their precious lives and the struggle of martyrs & abducted Baloch has made it impossible for the occupying state to hold elections in Balochistan.”

They said that Baloch nation must boycott Pakistani elections to challenge existence of the state in Balochistan and send a message to the occupiers that parliaments and elections could no longer consolidate their illegal occupation over Balochistan. They said that some anti-Baloch elements had joined hands with the state to prolong slavery of the nation but Baloch freedom forces were ready to destroy their ugly dreams.

“Political activists and parties have to show national unity which is equivalent to death for the occupying state. If we do not unite and continue to divide then the occupying state will take advantage of that which will be very dangerous for the Baloch movement.” they said.

All shops and markets were voluntarily closed by the trader community during the process of the rally. The rally peacefully dispersed after the sit-in at Shaheed Fida square. Pakistani forces blocked the entrance and exit roads to Turbat city. Baloch Republican Party and Baloch Republican Student Organization accused the forces for not allowing many vehicles of freedom activists coming from different parts of Balochistan to participate in the rally.

Courtesy: Sunrise Balochistan

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