Baloch activists in Germany protest against Balochistan’s occupation

561bfa76-9197-b26aGermany: Koln 24 March 2013: Baloch Community Germany staged a protest demonstration in Koln city to condemn the occupation of Balochistan, on 27 March 1948, by Pakistan.

A large number of Baloch political activists including women and children took part in the protest to express their dislike for slavery and occupation. The aim of the protest was to inform the German government, European Union and the United Nations that Pakistan which is mistakenly considered an ally of international community in war against terrorism; in fact the military of Pakistan was a grave threat for Europe and rest of the civilised world.

According BCG press release the Baloch nation was the only force in the region that does not support the jihadist ideology. They further said that Pakistan has occupied Balochistan at gunpoint on 27 March 1948. However, the BCG said, that Baloch have never accepted the forced occupation of their country and have been resisting since the first of their country’s invasion.

“To strengthen its illegal occupation over Balochistan the state of Pakistan has initiated bloody operations against Baloch people. Over 14000 Baloch have been abducted so far including women and children. The abducted Baloch are held at some undisclosed location and they have no access to any legal representation,” the Baloch Community Germany Press release read.

The protester said the state security forces continue to kill and dump abducted Baloch on daily basis. They said this was all happening before the eyes of civilised world. The participants of the protest requested German government and other nations to stop supporting Pakistan and cancel all agreements with it. They urged the international community to recognise Balochistan’s independent status and support the Baloch struggle for freedom.

The protesters also distributed hand-bills to people passing by which requested all free born people and international community to play their role in securing the release of 14000 abducted Baloch.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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