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COMMENT : No price is too high to pay — Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

The UAE sheikhs get the most and choicest districts of houbara hunting because Pakistani rulers bend over backwards to appease them

Mir Mohammad Ali TalpurFor the last 64 years the Baloch’s rights have been trampled upon with impunity. To add insult to injury even the Arab sheikhs on their yearly picnics in Balochistan freely trample upon the Baloch rights. The legal heirs of Nawab of Kharan, Nawab Ameer Habibullah Khan Nousherwani (1911-1955) have filed a constitutional petition in the Balochistan High Court (BHC) against the allotment of hunting areas in Kharan and Washak districts to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) president, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed. Pleading illegal allotment of their agricultural land, forests, water channels, water springs, karezes, orchards and pastures spread over a vast area without consultation or permission for hunting to the UAE president, it states that every year the UAE president’s staff establish hunting posts and patrol the area in their vehicles disallowing even owners, tenants and shepherds to enter the area to tend their land, crops and cattle.

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