Wadood Raisani’s mother’s death was planned, not an accident: Naela Quadri

Occupied Balochistan, Quetta: Professor Naela Quadri Baloch, a senior leader of the Baloch Republican Party (BRP), announced on Saturday that the primary report of a private investigation agency hired to investigate the death of mother of Mir Abdul Wadood Raisani, an abducted senior leader of BRP.

The report states the death as a “murder” as traces of powder found under the back side of her black land cruiser jeep that blasted both rear wheels, the vehicle disbalanced rolled over four times like a toy and 82-year old Madar-e-Baloch died at the spot and leaders of Voice of Baloch Missing Person were injured including father of Jalil Reki a senior leader of BRP and Nasrullah Baloch the president of VBMP, said the report.

“This delegation was going from Shaal (Quetta) to Karachi for an important mission but in the way hunted by a deadly conspiracy of Pakistani secret agencies,” said Professor Baloch, ” life of rescued leaders of Voice of Baloch Missing Persons are endangered as they have successfully raised the issue of 8000 missing Balochs at international level that is embarrassing for secret agencies as they are active part of Pakistan army’s fifth military operation in Balochistan. Torturing Bibi Zarina Marri and killing of mother of Mir Abdul Wadood Raisani are one of unforgivable crimes of Pakistan army. Every Baloch is responsible for taking their revenge.”

She said her family was thankful to Balochs of the world for their support in this hard time as the only son of Mader-e- Baloch, Mir Abdul Wadood Raisani was arrested in 2000, tortured and imprisoned for 11 years, again kidnapped by secret agencies after his release from Khuzdar jail January 02, 2010 and still he is missing , as a mother it was her right of funeral by her beloved son but at this time of deep sorrow thousands of Baloch sons and daughters gathered to lay her in peace beside the graves of Shaheed Baboo Naurouz Khan Zehri and Shaheed Agha Nouroz Khan Ahmadzai, in the sacred graveyard of Baloch martyrs Kalat.

“We are thankful to the Royal family of Balochs, BSO Azad, BNM, Baloch Bar, Baloch Khawateen Panel, BRSO, Baloch Watan Party, Marri Itehad, BNP, comrades of BRP, Jundullh western Balochistan, Baloch Rights Council, Baloch Human Rights Council Canada, American Friends of Balochistan, Baloch Freedom Fighters and especially to the great mother of Shadeed Agha Nouroz and brave Baloch women who came to us from all over Balochistan from Makran to Marri tribes, for all your support, sincerity and solidarity that is not only a great emotional support for us but it actually strengthened our commitment to the Baloch cause of unity and freedom,” she commented.

She added that Baloch women would never surrender as now the sister of Mir Abdul Wadood Raisani would hold the banner of her mother and lead the struggle of freedom of Balochistan from Pakistan and Iran occupation.

“We expect all Balochs will support and respect Hamshira Mir Abdul Wadood Raisani as you supported Madar-e-Baloch who sacrificed her last breath and last drop of her brave blood for Baloch nation and left this path for us to follow her,” she remarked.

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One response to “Wadood Raisani’s mother’s death was planned, not an accident: Naela Quadri

  1. The perpetrators of such a heinous, evil and wicked crime must be brought before the Court of Justice – not in Pakistan, where the Courts are without any ‘justice’ and any form of decency and, are subservient to the Punjabi Mafia. These criminals must be tried in International Criminal Court. Human Rights organisations are requested, nay, urged, to intervene. Long Live Balochistan! Long Live Sindh!

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