Pak Forces Siege Baloch Women and Children in Turbat

BALOCHISTAN: The house of a previous student leader Pir Jan Baloch who was affiliated with Baloch students Organization – Azad (BSO-A) is under the siege of Pakistani Security forces since 6 September 2016 evening in Doctors Colony in Turbat in occupied Balochistan.

According to details five women, two infants and a 70 year old elderly man are the occupants of the sieged house.

Forces have tried but failed, so far, to abduct women & children and elders as the local people have forcefully resisted against it. However, the siege continues, depriving people in the house from food, water and other essential commodities.

BNF has warned to go on massive protests all over Balochistan if Pakistan doesn’t breaks Turbat siege immediately.

In a latest wave of attacks against Baloch Nationalist People, Pakistani Army and ISI has stepped up brutal attacks, custodial tortures and abductions of Baloch leaders in occupied Balochistan, just to silence their resistance.

If the coercive actions of Pakistan continues in Balochistan, it is bound to back fire on it.

Baloch women protested against Turbat siege in front of Turbat Press Club and addressed the media demanded that Pakistani Army end the siege and safeguard lives of those trapped within house.

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