5 million Sindhis demand freedom


Karachi: Pakistan is under the threat of disintegration and after Baluchistan now Sindh is also demanding freedom from the state of Pakistan. To show this demand politically one of the Sindhi nationalist party Jeay Sindh Qaumy Mahaz (JSQM) called for a Freedom March in Karachi capital of Sindh.

The leaders in their speeches were telling the audience about the atrocities of the state and they specially brought recently burnt after being shot dead two of the leaders Maqsood Qureshi and Salman Wadhiyo bodies in protest.

Sanaan Qureshi a young leader and son of the slain nationalist leader Bashir Khan Qureshi told the audience that we are betrayed and our rights are violated by the state of Pakistan. Demanding our right to live is not a sin but when we demand it we get killed. He said enough is enough, our survival is in freedom and the state of Pakistan has to demolish.

Niaz Kalani the vice chairman again reminded about the extra judicial killing of nationalist leaders by state agencies and condemned it. He said our province meets the demands of Pakistan like 70% of Tax revenue, 83 % of natural gas, sea ports and the biggest coal mines in Thar Desert but our people are dying of hunger.

He said this is the right time to show the world and world should see this that millions of peoples are on streets but except regional Sindhi media there is no media coverage. He further said how long will you suppress our voice, how many people will you kill? The leaders demanded world community to take notice of extra judicial killing & human rights violation of Sindhi people

The rally was attended by almost 5 million people and the majority was youth of Sindh. After speeches they performed the funeral prayers of their slain leaders whose bodies were brought in the rally.

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One response to “5 million Sindhis demand freedom

  1. “Millions of Sindhis in Karachi Me Saw; Mother Sindh Today Free Me Saw”
    Dr. Ahmed H. Makhdoom

    Oh my brave and brilliant Baloch brothers and sisters, sons and daughters: I am touched, humbled, inspired and enlightened to see and read this beautiful Article in “Baluch Sarmachar!” Much obliged and grateful is humble me!

    23rd March – Indeed, today, I saw the valiant ‘n verdant Martyrs of Sindh embracing and hugging the five million sons and daughters of Glorious Mother Sindh at Karachi! I saw my Murshid, Guide ‘n Mentor Shah Latif Bhittai kneeling down and, with hands raised high praying: “O Lord! Bless Ye my Beloved Sindh with Bounties in Abundance!”

    OhYes, O Ye my beloved kindred folks of Glorious Sindh! Today, our Sacred and Ancient Motherland is FREE! NO ONE will ever be allowed to enslave and enchain our beloved Fatherland again! Long Live Free Sindh! Long Live Free Balochistan!

    مانواري سنهڻي مٺڙي نياڻي، مانوارا سنهڻا مٺڙا سائين،
    خوش هجو شال سدائين! مهرباني ۽ قرب! اڄ مارچ 23،،،،، “سائينم! سدائيِن ڪريِن مٿي سنڌُ سُڪار”،،،، اڄ ڀِٽَ جو لاکيڻو لطيف هٿڙا مٿي ڪري رب کان دُعا گهُرندي ڏِٺو! اڄ امڙ سنڌُ مهڪندي ڏِٺِي!؛

    اڄُ ماتا سنڌُ مُرڪندي ڏِٺِي! اڄُ سنڌ جا سڀيئي سوُرهيه، جوڌا، جوان، سنڌُڙيئَ تان سِرَ گهورنيندَڙ شهيد جرڪندي ڏَٺا! وهواه ٿي وئي، دِلَڙي ٺَري پئي! اڄُ مان جيجل سنڌُ” آزاد” ڏِٺي! جئي آزاد سنڌ سدائين! دُعاگو، احمد مخدوُم؛

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