JSQM top leader Masood Quraishi burnt alive in Sindh before freedom march

Car of Maqsood Qureshi
[The report appeared in Afghanistan Times and the epaper can be accessed in pdf format here: Masood Khan report]

Just a couple of days before the Sindhi nationalists and mass were going to organize their “Freedom March” in Sindh on 23rd of March, the top boss of Jeay Sindh Qaumy Mahaz (JSQM) has been burnt alive allegedly by the state sponsored criminal elements. On the morning of 21st of March the JSQM leader and brother of Bashir Khan Quraishi, Mr. Masood Khan Quraishi was attacked by criminal elements and was burnt alive along with his aide Salman Wadho.

The veteran JSQM leader Masood Quraishi was moving to on his white colored car numbered AVA-795 with his aide Salman Wadho to check out the preparedness of the Sindhi freedom march to be conducted on 23rd March 2014. Meanwhile near the Bharya Road of Naushero Feroz area unknown criminal elements ambushed them and burnt down their car and the two passengers were burnt alive and reduced to ashes around 8AM morning. The police have taken the body away with them. This is the repetition of the same case in which the Sindhi nationalist leaders like Rooplo Chulyani, Siarai Qurban Khuhawar and Noorullah Tunio of another Sindhi organization named Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM) were burnt alive in 2011. The murder of Masood Khan is a big trauma for the Sindhi nationalists.

Masood Khan Quraishi was the brother of former JSQM chairman Bashir Khan Quraishi who was slow poisoned to death. Mr. Bashir Quraishi also faced several attacks on him and in such an attack in 2012 two assassins were hunted down by Bashir’s bodyguards and one of the attackers was found to be an official ISI operative named Syed Mustafa Zahid Baloch and military pass to Malir Cantonment, interior ministry issued gun license, ISI issued card was found from him. The central leaders of the Sindhi nationalist organizations are always potential targets for the ISI.

Mr. Bashir Quraishi was famous for his Million March in which he had been able to gather a huge crowd of pro-freedom mass in Karachi on 23rd March 2012. There are different media assessments of the crowd stating it from one million to four million. 23rd March was the date when the Pakistan Resolution based on two nation theory was passed first by the Sindh assembly before partition of United India and the modern day Sindhi nationalists mourn it a black day bringing them the slavery of Pakistan. The Sindhi nationalists want an independent Sindhudesh where their economic, social and political rights will be safeguarded. They discard the Pakistani icon, Arab invader Mohammed-bin-Qasim as their hero and rather iconize the son of the soil, Maharaja Daher Sain, the last pure Sindhi king as their hero.

Since after the Baloch freedom movement the Sindhudeshi freedom movement is gaining media attention and political momentum, the Pakistani state agencies are busy in ruthless suppression, target assassination and kidnapping of the Sindhi nationalists. Fake encounters and forced kidnappings are a daily routine. A couple of weeks ago a top JSMM leader Saima Bhutto faced failed abduction bid, earlier this week a political activist of JSQM, Mr. Nawaz Lashari was brutally encountered by the SSP Ameen Pathan. And on 21st, the Sindhis lost another top leader. This assassination has been done to divert the Sindhi nationalists’ attention from their proposed program.

The nephew of Masood or son of Bashir, Mr. Sunan Khan Quraishi has announced that the soul of Mr. Masood will be prayed peace on 23rd March in Karachi in the midst of crowd freedom-demanding crowd chanting, “Sindh Ghury Thi Azadi” (Sindh wants freedom), “Na Khapi Na Khapi, Pakistan Na Khapi” (we don’t need Pakistan). An active JSQM operative and youth leader Zeeshan Sindhi told that the JSQM units are encouraged to keep the flame of freedom burning and not to get demoralized by the nefarious designs of the state sponsored mercenaries. They JSQM leadership has asked the operatives not to get trapped in the political traps of state agencies and their extra-judicial units.

All the other Sindhi nationalist organizations have shown solidarity towards the JSQM at this crisis time and offered full cooperation. A peaceful prayer has been called and the JSQM units have reportedly called shutter strikes and roadblocks in some places in Sindh. This incident will fuel the flame of the burning nationalism of Sindhudesh more, as a top JSQM leader said.

The authoress is a Baloch political and strategic analyst and human rights activist and by profession she is a Cryptographer.

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