May 16: Shaheeda Roya Sarani

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One response to “May 16: Shaheeda Roya Sarani

  1. Shaheeda Roya Sarani, the entire Baloch nation is sad for your early Martyrdom at the age of 12years. Those who committed such a heinous
    crime of assassinating you in front of the eyes of your brother would never
    be left unpunished by your Baloch brothers. You proved to be the Daughter
    & beloved Sister of all Baloch nation. The enemies of Baloch nation have
    written their own gruesome Fate and the history of Freedom of Balochistan with your Holy blood. Today all Baloch Nation is proud of you & Salute you & all other Martyrs, who sacrificed their precious lives for the sake of recovery of their usurped rights of Freedom & honorable living with in his own country. Balochjk

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