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Lyari: The unending war on Baloch – by Diagoh Murad

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The intense operation in Lyari has entered its 6th day with death toll rising to 70 and injuries are beyond 100 & the displacement of Baloch locals is gone to swooping 200 its like the operation was initiated to force the Baloch population to leave their shelters and homes & lately they have given ultimatum to Baloch locals of Lyari to leave their homes or else face the consequences (We know what those consequences are).

The latest human rights crisis where Lyari Baloch are ignored in this gruesome operation is beyond shocking, not just to Lyari Baloch but to the people of Balochistan, who are seeing all this in disbelieve. The Human rights organizations ‘Amnesty International, HRW, AHRC, HRCP (Human Rights Commission of Pakistan), OHCHR (Office of the human commissioner for human rights) & Red Cross’ has just remained silent to this criminal operation over indigenous Baloch population, why? Perhaps they don’t care, they don’t have any interest in Lyari, they don’t see Lyari people’s as humans or they are deaf and voiceless when something of a Baloch human crisis comes up to them.

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