Niece of Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch asks for her brothers release

Occupied Balochistan: Khairia Yousaf Baloch held a press conference at Turbat Press Club against the abduction of her brother Asif Ali Baloch at the hand of Pakistani security agencies from a hotel in Karachi.

She further said that currently her brother is not affiliated with any political parties; he is contractor and does his own work. She feared that Asif Ali Baloch might suffer the same fate as her late uncle Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch. “Several false cases have been registered against him in the past but he proved all the allegation level against him wrong in court of law”. She said the Prime Minister and the interior minister always lie about missing person that they have been released but contrary to their claims Baloch abducted persons are being killed and dumped away one after other.

Flanked by other members of her family she appealed to the Human Rights Organisations, Human Rights Commission, International Human Rights Organisations, the UN and the Supreme court to take action against her brother’s abduction and play their role for his safe and immediate release.

The mother of Asif Baloch said that her sons had gone to Karachi about two weeks ago and the family did not hear from him since 28 May 2011. “We started to worry about his safety and contacted his all friends but they all disappointed by saying they didn’t know anything about Asif. Four days ago suddenly a friend of Asif rang us and said that on the night 28 of May 2011 Asif and his friends were having dinner at Gron Plaza Hotel Saddar Karachi at around 8:30 pm, when they saw a car pulling in front of the Hotel. Two people came out of the car and called Asif; they made him sit in their car and drove off”. She went to say that “Now we know that Asif has been abducted by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies on 28 May 2011, hence, I appeal to the International Human Rights Organisations and Human Rights Commission to put pressure on Pakistan for the early and safe release of my son”.

She suspected that her son will be extra judicially killed like Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch because my son’s only crime is that he is the nephew of Ghulam Mohammad and he is a Baloch, she said. She said if her son has committed any crime, then he should be brought to the court of law and trialled according to Pakistan’s law. “The intelligence agencies have already thrown the bullet riddled bodies of several Baloch activists; As a Baloch mother I appeal the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the Balochistan High Court and Sindh High Court to put pressure on security agencies and bring my son to surface”.

Meanwhile the Baloch Nation Movement has also strongly condemned the abduction of Asif Yousaf Baloch and asked for his immediate release. The BNM said that abducting talented and educated Baloch youth in broad daylight and dumping their mutilated bodies is the one of the most gruesome acts the Pakistani security forces in Balochistan. The party has stongly appealed the International community and Human Rights Organisations to take notice of Asif Baloch’s illegal abduction and urge Pakistan to release all Baloch enforced-disappeared persons.

[via Baloch Warna]

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