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Martyrs Prof Saba Dashtyari laid to rest in Karachi

KARACHI – June 02: Prof Ghulam Hussain Saba Dashtyari, who was killed by Pakistani Military dead squad in Quetta on Wednesday June 01, has been laid to rest Thursday morning in Karachi.
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BHRC condemned the cold-blooded murder of Prof. Saba Dashtyari

Press Release

Baloch Human Rights Council (Canada)

TORONTO – June 01, 2011: Baloch Human Rights Council (Canada) expressed deep sorrow over the targeted killing of Prof. Saba Dashtyari in Quetta today. Prof. Dashtyari was shot dead by unknown assailants, allegedly members of the military intelligence death squad, while he was on his way to Balochistan University where he taught Islamic history and theology.
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Prof. Saba Dashtiyari: Voice of Freedom from the Slums of Lyari

by Imtiaz Baloch

From a poor family of Lyari, Karachi to a jostling crowd around his bullet-riddled body, Prof. Saba Dashtyari has established his place in the emotions of Baloch people. My hands are shaking and eyes full of tears when I heard the news of Prof Saba Dashtayri’s assassination. I cannot claim to have known Prof. Saba Dashtayari well, but I am touched so as thousands of other Baloch political workers in some way or other by this legendary Baloch scholar, teacher, linguist, poet and writer. I recall my first meeting with Prof. Saba Dashtayari in the early 1980s. I missed my university bus so as Prof. Saba , we both hop on the same bus to University of Karachi. The meeting with Prof. on the bus to Karachi University stirred my interest in Balochi poetry and literature and opened my mind on Baloch history and language. This great man changed my complete political outlook. One can always find him in his typical shalwar- kameez, and glasses and sharing emotional hugs to the Baloch political workers in the procession against the slow motion genocide of Baloch masses.
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