Mass killings in Balochistan: Pakistan army massacred 28 in Dera Bugti operation – BRP

Dera bugti  massacre 12 Aug 2016

Geneva: Baloch Republican Party central spokesmen, Mr. Sher Mohammad Bugti, in his statement said that fresh military operations were being conducted in Dera Bugti.

Civilian populace was being extremely targeted by Pakistani army during the military operations in different areas of Dera Bugti, he says.

Mr. Bugti further said that “Many areas of Dera Bugti including Suhri Darbar, Pishini, Takru, Pirkoh, Kaleeri and Pelawagh have been sieged and military operation is being conducted backed by gunship helicopters and a large number of ground troops.

Due to indiscriminate shelling by helicopters, dozens of houses were destroyed, and four persons of the same family were killed and many injured during the military operations. Casualties could raise as the area remains under heavy siege”

The safety of dozens of people, abducted during military operation, is feared. The operation was continuing in the areas until last reports.

He said that escalation of military operations in Dera Bugti and across Balochistan were adding to the Baloch Genocide by Pakistani army.

He urged human rights organization to take notice of rights violations and heinous crimes by Pakistan army in Balochistan.

Baloch Republican Party Media Cell sources identified deceased victims of three days military operation in Dera Bugti as:

  1. Sarang Marri
  2. Abdul Rehman Marri
  3. Zaman khan Marri
  4. Mubarak Marri
  5. Guaru s/o Chilav Bugti
  6. Lalain w/o Guaru Bugti
  7. Shani d/o Guaru Bugti
  8. Zenat d/o Guaru Bugti
  9. Nana s/o Shah Mohd Bugti
  10. Dazo s/o Lal Mohd Bugti
  11. Sami w/o Dazo Bugti
  12. Karam Khan s/o Zahro Bugti
  13. Nazi d/o Zahro Bugti
  14. Gul Khan Bugti
  15. Shahmurad Bugti
  16. Hamal s/o Ghulam Nabi Bugti
  17. Faraz s/o Hamal Bugti (7 years old)
  18. Abdul Rahaman Bugti
  19. Siddiq s/o Abdul Rahman Bugti
  20. Atta ur Rehman Bugti

Today, more than eight people were killed but their identities could not be verified due to the army siege in the areas.


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