Balochistan: FC gives corporal punishment to Baloch students for not singing Pakistani anthem

Government Pilot Secondary School Mastung

BALOCHISTAN: On 14 May, 2016 Frontier Constabulary (FC) raided Government Pilot Secondary School Mastung, forced the student to sing Pakistani national anthem on refusal subject them to violence, they also removed “Baloch” surnames from the entire school’s registers.

Details emerging from the local sources of horrifying ordeal of students by FC, a paramilitary force of Pakistan manage and operate directly by the Pakistan Army.

According to the independent sources on 14 May, 2016 FC raided Government Pilot Secondary School Mastung. All the students were ordered to gather in the football ground in front of the school and they were ordered to sing the Pakistan’s national anthem. Those students who refused to sing were subject to brutal physical violence. Five students were seriously injured in this act of barbarism, but the headmaster refused to send them to hospital for medical treatment.

FC raised the Pakistan’s national flag on the school building, and shouted the slogan “Allah-O-Akbar” meaning God is great, they also raised the slogans “Down with Baloch Sarmachar” (Baloch freedom fighters), “Down with Free Balochistan” and “Long live Pakistan”.

When the above could not satisfy their thirst of atrocity they went through all the class attendance registers, called out all the students with “Baloch” surnames. These students once again faced the third degree violence. Then all the Baloch surnames were erased from the entire school registers.

For three hours these students of Mastung were remained captive, all this time they received mental and physical torture by FC. For the students the lessons of day was, how the dominating nation uses the state’s apparatus to suppress other minorities under its control.

Since April 2009, after three distinguished Baloch leaders Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, President of Baloch National Movement (BNM), Lala Munir Baloch Vice President of BNM and Sher Mohammad Baloch Deputy Secretary General of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) were abducted by Pakistani states intelligence agency later extra judicially killed in custody, Baloch students in all over Baluchistan stop singing Pakistani National anthem and have not allowed hosting of Pakistan’s national flag in educational institutions in Baluchistan to register their protest peacefully.

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