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Balochistan: caught in a web of corruption


Tilak Devasher

Balochistan is invariably in the news for the wrong reasons – human rights abuse by the Army, missing persons, ‘kill and dump’, etc.

It’s made headlines again. But this time for corruption rather than violence.

The arrest of the Finance Secretary of Balochistan Mushtaq Raisani on 6 May 2016 and several other officials from the Quetta Civil Secretariat was big news. An amount of Rs 73 crore in cash, and jewellery worth nearly Rs 4 crore, were recovered from his residence. This money had been embezzled from the development funds of Balochistan during the years 2013-2015. To put this amount in perspective, it is almost equal to the amount budgeted by the provincial government for population welfare in 2015-16.

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