Hyrbyair Marri appeals to the Baloch Nation to stay at home on the day of Pakistani elections

Hyrbyair MarriLondon: Patriot Baloch leader Hyrbyair Marri said that Pakistani parliamentary politics and election of occupying state are tantamount to strengthening the roots of occupation and slavery in Balochistan.

He said Pakistan was using its full force, tactic and its allied pro-military Baloch parliamentarians to make the election successful in Balochistan but all their attempt seems to be going in vain. “These parliamentarians have tried their best to create confusion in Balochistan and on international level in the name of national freedom. Today these very same people including Akhtar Mengal, Dr Malik and Jangyz Marri are playing in the hands Pakistan,” Mr Marri said. 

He said Pakistan was using these pro-establish Baloch to legalise it’s so called elections and occupation on Balochistan.

He further said that there were rumours that Jangyz and his son were using his father Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri and his [Hyrbyair’s] name in their election campaign. “I want to make it absolutely clear that have nothing to do with Jangyz and his son’s election campaign. Whether it is Jangyz who contests elections or any other Baloch, they are all equal partners of Pakistan in it atrocious acts against Baloch people. I do not give any importance to family ties in fact my like-minded friends are more important to me.”

He appealed the Baloch nation not to fall into the trap of these those pro-Pakistan politicians and fully boycott Pakistani elections to show your support for Baloch liberation movement.

“Send a message to the world community that Baloch nation dislikes Pakistani slavery and do not accept the so called elections of occupying state. Baloch are struggling for freedom and self-rule on their ancestral land,” Mr Marri added.

The Baloch leader said that Baloch nation should not let the sacrifices of Baloch youth go in vane because in past over 60 years thousands of Baloch sacrificed their lives for freedom of their country [Balochistan].
He said Baloch nation should stand shoulder to shoulder with the Baloch freedom activists and fully boycott Pakistani elections in Balochistan.

“Different sources have sent us their suggestions for how many days we should boycott the election. Keeping in view the needs of Baloch nation we appeal to the Baloch Nation to stay at your homes from the evening of 10 May to the evening to 11 to express your dislike for slavery and imposed elections of occupiers. So that we can prove to the world that we do not accept any act of occupying state in Balochistan, which pushes Baloch people towards further slavery,” Hyrbyair Marri said.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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