BSO-Azad leader abducted, youth killed in Turbat

Occupied Balochistan: The central joint secretary of BSO-Azad abducted near Mastung, Pakistan’s hit and run squad killed a Baloch youth in Turbat here on Friday.

According to details BSO-Azad leader, Shafi Baloch along with several other BSO members, was going to Mastung for medical purpose when three white cars surrounded them. They dragged out all passengers and left after taking Shafi Baloch, another man Nawab Khan Gishkori has also been initially detained but he was later set free.

“Its not first time that personnel of intelligence angencies abducted Shafi baloch, he was abducted on June 7, 2009 from shall (quetta) after a public gathering in bolan medical college.

Family members of Shafi Baloch accused the intelligence agencies of the abduction and said that Shafi Baloch was suffering from kidney ailment and demanded his immediate release”, reported, the official website of BSO-Azad.

Meanwhile BSO-Azad and BNM have strongly condemned the arrest of Shafi Baloch and said that his arrest was part of the on-going crack-down against Baloch youth to deter them from their political struggle for the freedom of Balochistan. They further said that Baloch Nation has decided that temporary pain and suffering is better than living under permanent slavery. The BNM has advised its activists to take active part in BSO-Azad’s scheduled programs.

Baloch youth shot dead in Mand: Malik Mohamad Hassan, a youth from Gayab area of Mand, was shot dead by Pakistan Army on the main Mand – Turbat highway by Pakistan Military without any warning.

According to details Malik Baloch and his another friend were on their way home from Kalatuk when the security forces open indiscriminate fire on them. Due to the unprovoked attack Malik Baloch died on the spot whereas his friend managed to escape from the jaws of certain death. The local authorities handed over his body to relatives after fulfilling official requirements. Family sources said that he was a student of tenth class in Mand high school.

Independent source said that Malik Baloch and his friend were trying to repair a puncture on their motorcycle when two Vego Pickup vehicles full with security personnel attacked them and opened indiscriminate firing at them. Resultantly, Malik Baloch died on the spot whereas his friend managed to escape amidst the volley of bullets.

[via Baloch Warna]

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