Mehboob Wadela and Arif Rehman dead bodies found near Ormara

Occupied Balochistan: From different local sources, dead bodies of two missing persons were found near Hadh Cross, Ormara of District Gwadar, the dead bodies were identified as Mehboob wadhela & Arif Rehman.

Mehboob Wadhela s/o Beg Mohammad Wadhela was an activist of Baloch National Movement (BNM), while Arif Rehman was an activist of Baloch Republican Party (BRP). Mehboob Wadhela was abducted from Karachi on April 2 2010, his abduction was witnessed by peoples as he was abducted from Yousuf Goth while traveling from a public bus, after 11 months his body was found today near Hadh Cross of Ormara, body showed sign of extreme torture. A petition was also submitted but in no avail the abductors have killed Mehboob wadhela.

Arif Rehman on the other hand was abducted on 3rd September 2010 from Rancho Line Karachi while he was returning home after some medical checkups of his relative from a local Karachi hospital, his body was also found near to Mehboob Wadhela’s body, both activists bore marks of extreme torture, Arif Rehman family member staged a long hunger strike for the recovery of his, the hunger protest crossed the 100 marking and as such today his body was recovered, these kind of Kill and Dump tactics are rapidly increasing as day by day bodies of missing persons are being recovered, if such actions are not condemned then all the missing persons will suffer this same faith, it is a grieve issue and should be stopped at once.


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  4. Baloch

    Sad salam pa shuhdaa e balochistan ah k ayan wati jaaan kurban kutha pa mother e watan a,,,

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