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Qambar Chakar: A Man and a Myth

by: Baloch Students Action Committee, BUITEMS

Birth of a Leader

In Shahi Tump, a far-flung town of Balochistan in Kech (Turbat) district, the house of Chakar Baloch was overflowed with merriness and gleaming lights over the birth of the first son, Qambar. The boy was to become an inspriational leader for the Baloch people soon after entering his teen ages. One day, some ill-fated soldiers of darkness would walk, take this light away to the shadow of torture and death. His was a story of celebrations in unison. When he was born, the whole family, even the entire town cheered up with uncontrollable delight. When he was killed, the whole of Balochistan wept. His was a song of happiness and a melancholy.

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“Save Balochistan Campaign” protest to be deld in London

London: We invite all Baluch, friends of Baloch and Human Rights Campaigners to join us to raise the voice of the Baluch victims and to defend their democratic rights. Therefore, as our ongoing monthly pickets and in relation to Save Balochistan Campaign, we the ‘International Voice for Baluch Missing Persons’ (U.K) would request you to participate in the protest which will be held on Sunday 13 February 2011 in front of BBC World service in London from 2pm – 5pm.
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