BHRC expresses concern over the Pakistani atrocities



LONDON – Feb 27: Baloch Human Rights Council (UK) strongly condemned & expressed extreme concern on the continuing human rights violations being perpetrated by the Pakistani state security agencies in Balochistan. In the last 7 months around 107 bullet riddled, mutilated, dead bodies of missing people have been found in different parts of Balochistan. It is worth noting that all these victims were unarmed civilians. Amnesty International and Asian Human Rights Commission have reported some of the atrocities of Pakistani military agencies in their recent reports in 23 February 2011 and 25 February 2011 respectively.

In a memorandum sent to various international human rights organizations and UN associated associations, BHRC drew the attention of international community towards the abduction and extra-judicial killings of the Baloch political and social activists by the army and its proxy death squads. In the memorandum the recent events of discovery of mutilated bodies of the Baloch political activists including the bodies of Rehman Aarif and Mahboob Wadela have been specifically mentioned. The bodies of these Baloch political activists bore the mark of extreme torture.

BHRC demanded that international human rights organizations should step up their efforts against the brutalities of the Pakistani military establishment in Balochistan.

Meanwhile, responding to the presentation of Baloch Human Rights Council (UK), the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office assured us that the British Government is taking serious consideration of the situation in Balochistan and it is in touch with the Pakistani authorities over the extra-judicial killings and other human rights violations in Balochistan.

Issued by:

Samad Baloch
General Secretary
Baloch Human Rights Council (UK)


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2 responses to “BHRC expresses concern over the Pakistani atrocities

  1. Washain Baluch

    where is Amnesty International and other Human rights org on Balochistan Issue why they are Quite …………?
    are they Afraid from Pakistan GOvt …..?
    or they are getting Kitbags from pakistan and forget thier responsiblities….?

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