Arif Noor Baloch bbducted by Pakistani Intelligence Forces from Karachi

Arif Noor Baloch, who came to Karachi recently for some medical treatment because of spine problem, was abducted by Secret agencies in the dusk of darkness.

KARACHI: The secret agencies consisting of forty to fifty personals including the local police slammed the door of the house and poured in, as if they were there to conquer something, Arif Baloch sisters and his mother were harassed and his younger brother Abid Baloch was witnessing all this while he was also grabbed but like it was seen that a full proof plan was set and they knew their target very well, they took Arif Noor and handcuffed him & strap a black cloth around his eyes and dragged him out of his house.

Pakistani Forces throw away Holy Quran during a raid in Baloch house

The sisters of Arif Baloch pleaded to the Secret agencies by presenting them the Holy Quran (Islamic Holy Book) but they threw away the book by saying that they are not here to play, they dragged Arif Baloch in front of many people and pushed him inside the Secret Service vehicle which was missing a number plate and drove away.

Arif Baloch who is working for GDA (Gwadar Development Authority) which is a Government controlled institution, his only reason for abduction was his being a patriotic nationalist. After his abduction many relatives and family friends have decided to setup a press conference to reveal the truth. The press conference will be held tomorrow in the Karachi Press Club.


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