July 15: Martyr’s day of Balochistan

No retreat! No Surrender! No compromise!



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2 responses to “July 15: Martyr’s day of Balochistan

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  2. “No Retreat! No Surrender! No Compromise!” With these overpowering and overwhelming slogans, ideals, principles, paragons and paradigms, we are sure that you will get your freedom from slavery soon.

    We salute the valiant soldiers and people who have lost their lives for their motherland, Balochistan. Balochistan and the entire world will remember the Shahadat of these brave, brilliant and bright Martyrs for their fatherland.

    On this auspicious day, the Martyrs Day, we pray that the noble souls of Shaheeds, Allah (swt) may rest in peace and give them a choicest place in His Gardens. Aameen.

    Our prayers, our soul, our spirit will always be there with you. March on, brave ones! Long Live Balochistan! Long Live Sindh!

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