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Baloch, Sindhi expatriates protest before UK PM’s residence

“The force or the power which is disturbing Balochistan, which is creating havoc or intimidating the Baloch nation, it’s the same force which is also involved in destabilizing the region, Europe and America. They are the proxies of the ISI and which are active and Pakistani establishments supported from one which is as everybody knows it,” Samad Baloch, SG, BHRC-UK.

Baloch and Sindhi expatriates living in London protested in front of 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the British Prime Minister on Sunday to seek international intervention in the killing of innocent people in Balochistan.

They were protesting on the brutal murder of Baloch leader, Habib Jalib who was allegedly killed by the ISI recently in Quetta province.
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WARNING: “Daily Tawar”!

Warning of being targeted and attacked issued to newspaper ‘Daily Tawar’.

Unknown people have stamped a poster of a skeleton and a gun showing symbol of “Death” on the main door of the newspaper’s office followed by warning of being targeted. These attack warnings were pasted when no one was in the office.

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