Tribute to Shaheed Darman Baloch, Nako Muhammad Saleh and Sabro Baloch. BLF

Major Ghoram Baloch, the spokesman for the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), said in a statement released to the media that our Sarmachars (freedom fighters) had a bloody clash with the occupying army on March 18, in which three Sarmachars were martyred. Many Pakistani army personnel have been killed or injured in this clash.

According to the statement, the organization’s comrades clashed with Pakistani forces while patrolling in the Zarbari Koh (hills) of Awaran. Three Sarmachars were martyred in this brutal encounter. The Pakistani army’s brutality continues in these areas. The ground and air attacks also resulted in the martyrdom of a shepherd named Allah Dad Baloch, while his brother and three other shepherds were abducted. Allah Dad was martyred as punishment for his sincerity and honesty as a Baloch.

Among the Sarmachars who were martyred, the spokesman continued, were Darman Baloch, Nako Muhammad Saleh, and Sabro Baloch. They faced the Pakistani army in a number of battles prior to their martyrdom and defeated them each time. Martyrs earned and deserve our homage. Their mission of liberation will continue till its destination.

As per Major Ghoram, Durman Baloch, aka Dulsard, a resident of Guristani,  Awaran, has been associated with the BLF since 2013 and is currently ranked second lieutenant. In an operation led by Colonel Kashif in February 2016, Pakistani forces burnt down Shaheed Dulsard and his relatives’ village. He remained loyal to his comrades in the arms struggle and the party program despite severe financial troubles and the forced migration of his family (IDPs). He has been in charge of operations against the Pakistani army on numerous fronts in Makran including Kawalwah, Awaran, and Balgutar, and he has struck the occupying forces with major blows.

Since 2017, Pahu Piri Awaran resident Nako Muhammad Saleh, aka Sarban, has frequently been associated with the BLF. Before 2017, when Pakistani forces started forcibly displacing the Baloch population living in the mountains to the city, Nako was working with the party as a sympathizer but instead of moving to the city, he made the mountains his home and prioritized fighting and resisting the enemy. Even in his old age, his feet did not slip and he always kept pace with other companions. He played an essential role in the planning of numerous battles as well as the personnel movements and logistical requirements that resulted in the enemy suffering significant losses throughout the battlefield.

The spokesman added that Sabru, aka Balach, a resident of Quraan bint Jhal Jhao in Awaran and the son of Rehmat, has been involved with the BLF since 2021. The family of Shaheed Sabru was forcefully evicted from their native villages in the southern mountain range of Jhao by the Pakistani army, which also carried out a violent operation, and burned the settlements there. Shaheed Sabru and his brother were arrested and forcibly disappeared during an operation in 2020. After months of physical torture and mental abuse, he was finally released. Then, he participated actively in the armed front against the enemy.

Source: The Balochistan Post

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