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Over 600 Baluch Killed By Iran’s Regime Last Year: Monitor

Halvash website which covers events in Iran’s Baluchistan says in its annual report that 628 Baluch citizens were killed directly or indirectly by the Islamic Republic agents in the past Iranian year that ended on March 20.

According to the report, 182 Baluch people were executed in 23 prisons across Iran, out of which about 81% were drug-related cases.

At least 167 others have died due to the direct gunfire by military agents in the Sistan-Baluchistan province.

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By: Dr. Naseer Dashti

The fall of the Baloch state in 1948 as a consequence of the creation of Pakistan is a unique phenomenon in the world’s political history. It is an amazing episode reminding us how the rivalry of great powers can cause collateral damage and far-reaching consequences. The division of India and the creation of Pakistan, which caused the demise of the newly independent Baloch state, is tragic to the Baloch. Still, it will be a great addition to interesting events in the annals of history.

Creation of Pakistan in context

During the 19th century, in the face of the continued advances of Russia in Central Asia and the presumed threat to India from the north, safeguarding Indian possessions became the obsession of policy planners in London and New Delhi. Afghanistan and Persia were vulnerable spots for them, and if they (Russians) successfully gained control of these countries, the next Russian target would undoubtedly be India. A “great game” of espionage and subversion began in regions bordering Russia, the Middle East and British India. To make a physical barrier around the north and west of India was postulated, popularly known as the “Forward Policy”.

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China-Pakistan Alliance A Direct Attack On Baloch Human Rights: Dr. Naseem Baloch

Geneva: Chairman of the Baloch National Movement, Dr. Naseem Baloch, has said that The Chinese-Pakistan alliance not only threatens Western interests but also directly attacks the basic human rights of the Baloch people.

He said this while addressing a side event during the 52nd regular session of the Human Rights Council of the United Nation. It was organized by the Coordination of Associations and Individuals for Freedom of Conscience (CAP).

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