The conference “Political Situation of Balochistan” was held in Toronto, Canada

On March 18, 2023, a conference was held in Toronto, Canada, regarding the current situation of protests in Balochistan and the struggles of the Baloch people.

When the Khamenei regime started killing protesters in Zahedan and Khash because of the stand taken by Baloch people for a 15-year-old Baloch girl, the Maho Baloch movement became more comprehensive and included other cities of Balochistan, and rallies continue to take place on Fridays in Zahedan.

As the first conference in this field, outside of Balochistan and Iran’s geography, the Toronto conference was of double importance. This conference was especially memorable because it brought together male and female guests along with political activists from various regions of Balochistan.

The conference guests examined the current situation in Balochistan in Iran from various perspectives, as well as the political future of this movement, which was formed at the same time as the Mahsa-Jina movement in Kurdistan and other regions of Iran.

This conference featured speakers such as Habibullah Sarzabi Baloch, Secretary General of the Balochistan Party Raji Tapaki, Nadia Rouhi, a female activist and member of the Baloch Women’s Voice Movement, Nader Kahrazi, a well-known Baloch activist, Dr. Zafar Baloch, President of the Baloch Human Rights Council of Canada, and Ayesha Naroi, a women’s rights activist.

The effects of the Maho Baloch movement, which is the stand of all groups of society, including women, students, general youth, some tribal heads, and scholars such as Maulana Abdul Hamid, Maulana Naqshbandi, political activists, national movements… both internally and externally, were highlighted at this conference. They expressed both resistance and support for it.

The geopolitical situation in Balochistan, in addition to its significance in the region and around the world, were also thoroughly covered. The conference also addressed the national issue of Balochistan from the past to the present, emphasizing the impact of this movement on its growth.

The national demands of this freedom-loving movement, which targeted the Khamenei regime’s principles and expressed democratic demands with very accurate and timely slogans, resulted in the regime’s failure to boycott and cleanse the face of Baloch, failure in repression and in the goals behind It has been shuttered.

The most important demand of the protesters from different ends on the street floor is to stand together and accompany all currents of thought in Balochistan, embracing diversity and putting differences aside with the goal of overthrowing the Khamenei regime and achieving national sovereignty, who chant the slogan of death to Khamenei, no to monarchy, no to Islamic republic – we want democracy, freedom, and equality.

This conference, which was made available to the public via online social networks, drew the attention of Baloch people, who expressed a desire to expand these types of activities.

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