Kingdom dreams: ‘fake protest’ as Baloch blood sold in Bangkok

by Ahmar Mustikhan

Can someone please convey my salutes to my political mother, the mother of my slain friend Dr. Khalid Shaheed and tell the Tigress of Mekran I am proud of her. Wrinkled face, dressed in black with determination written on her face she makes a victory sign — Balochistan shall become independent. Tell my Mekran martyr’s mother, I love her as much as I love my own mother.

Barely five feet, the dimunitive Khalid Shaheed was a towering figure in the liberation war. He was a pillar of the Baloch resistance against the foreign occupation of Balochistan — land of the Baloch –, in the generally docile Mekran division.

I remember it was way back in 1983 at the Bolan Medical College in Quetta, capital of Balochistan, when Khalid Shaheed became my friend. One day he teased me and I tried my level best to catch him, without success. The Tiger of Mekran was invincible. Accept my salutes, my martyed hero I say with tearful eyes.

Please tell Dr, Khalid Shaheed’s mother I am proud that the Baloch resistance or sarmachars to which her son belonged has vowed her martyred son’s blood was not so cheap that it would be sold for 40,000 euros by a shadowy banker and businessman, and everything in between, Munir Mengal.

That too in the prostitution capital of the world, Bangkok.

Most of all the Baloch resistance said it has serious reservations over the presence of the son of a man who was once loved as a powerful guerrilla leader, but has now become a sheep in Pakistan military’s hands and widely despised in Balochistan for surrendering to the most-hated enemy of the Baloch, the Punjabi military. Surrendering is one thing, Ramkhani has become an enemy collaborator to crush the Baloch resistance. For just $1.30 per mercenary soldier per day, Mir Hazar Khan Ramkhani has sold his soul to the Pakistan military as it devises strategy and tactics to get control of the oil and gas rich Marri territories for the future benefit of Punjab, the colonizing power.

Small wonder that legendary Baloch leader Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri, 80, says, “I can co-exist with a pig but not with a Punjabi.”

The Moscow-based son of Ramkhani, Dr. Jumma Marri, was invited to the conference in spite of the resistance opposition so the resistance decided to boycott “Balochistan Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Meeting the Challenges.” A son should not be punished for a father’s sin; the truth is Dr. Jumma Marri not only defends his dad, but also conducts a vicious hate campaign against Nawab Marri as if he was a feudal despot through anonymous emails.

According to Baloch intellectuals Sheh Mureed and Hafeez Hassanabadi, Dr. Jumma Marri and company are responsible for a web site that has launched virulent attacks sgaint Nawab Marri and also slain Baloch statesman Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti:

Nawab Marri is regarded as Baba-i-Aza’adi, or the father of the Baloch liberation ideology..

In contrast to Dr. Jumma Marri, Baloch resistance leader Hyrbyair Marri calls a spade a spade and says his eldest brother Jangyz Marri is a traitor as he has made peace with Pakistan.

“If Dr. Jumma Marri says he is a Baloch nationalist why isn’t he publicly denouncing his father’s treacherous acts,” asks Mehran Baluch, Nawab Marri’s youngest son and Baluch representative at the U.N. Human Rights Council.

If there are what I call the Three Stars of Balochistan — Mir Hyrbyair Marri, Sardar Brahumdagh Bugti and Dr. Allah Nazar, on the one hand –, so too there is a troika of an other kind that includes Munir Mengal, Dr. Jumma Marri  and Dr. Wahid Baloch, aka Dostaen Baloch of Jacksonville, Fla.

The resistance objected to Dr. Baloch’s attendance as on the grounds he tried to deceive the people he is the most popular Baloch leader in the world through a web poll, which the resistance termed a national crime; he attacked three Baloch martyrs even as their tortured bodies lay unattended in Pidarak, Turbat; and is also involved in an alleged smear campaign against the freedom fighters or sarmachars, privately claiming his web site was more important than the struggle of the resistance. He is also widely suspected of reporting Baloch sympathetic towards the freedom struggle as member of the Baloch Liberation Army. Now, he has tried to further tarnish the image of the resistance by circulating emails that he did not go to Bangkok because of an alleged email threat from the resistance.

Publicly Dr. Baloch insists he too wants an independent Balochistan, but at the same time addresses his leader the Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Daud as “His Highness.”

In other words, a free Balochistan will  be a decadent kingdom under Mir Suleman Daud, rather than a secular democracy.

Is there anyone willing to fight for establishment of a monarchy in Balochistan? People launch struggles to end a monarchy, not to establish one. The last time Baloch rose to defend the symbolic office of the Khan of Kalat — or the ruler of the Baluch state –, it was in the 1960s by Nawab Nauroz Khan Zarakazai , the right-hand of the then Khan of Kalat Mir Ahmedyar Khan.

But even then Nawab Zarakzai said nanna Khan. Nanna in the local language means our and khan means ruler. Nawab Zarakzai did not fight for the preservation or establishment of any kingdom.

Suleman Daud, knows Dr. Jumma Marri is playing a double game and privately says so, but secretly his detractors say he is himself a party to those double games and involved in a campaign to discredit the sarmachars.

Once as I was talking on the phone with Daud, he insisted journalists should put the honorific “His Highness” title before his name — sorry, as much as I respect him, my friend Dr. Khalid Shaheed did not sacrifice his life to make Daud the king of Balochistan. I was quite dismayed by this demand of a royal title, because many freedom lovers in the world gave their all for the greatness of their land and people, not their personal title. For example Mahtama Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

I will not object to calling him the de jure ruler, but what is this king idea and His Highness nonsense? The cruel joke that started with the GOB in exile is now going too far. The Baloch want their people to be truly free, not languish under some medieval king.

I think the Baloch nation will appreciate if the Khan of Kalat comes out with an open statement denouncing any idea of establishing a kingdom of Balochistan and spell out clearly what kind of an independent Balochistan he envisions.

Baloch intellectuals are angry on seeing this decadent idea of kingdom being pushed through surreptitiously from a host of web sites, since the launch of the non-existent GOB in exile through a blog.

Slain Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti did use the title a couple of times to tease the government, however.

On the one hand there is a demand from the Khan of Kalat for a title of royalty without any significant sacrifice and on the other an expression of humility in spite of yeoman sacrifices of her family members for making the idea of an independent Balochistan a reality. “I am not the only mother who has lost a son. Sons of thousands of mothers have rendered sacrifices,” said the mother of Khalid Shaheed, “I am proud my son gave his life for the glory of his motherland.”. Her words are a call to action and are more powerful than maybe all the speeches the Khan delivered during his lifetime.

Wahid Baloch, in spite of living in the U.S. is showing the lowly mindset of what is called tee in Balochi. In my humble estimation, becoming a tee of the sarmachars, is better than a servant of any king who orders people to address him as His Highness.

Wahid Baloch is not actually a tee, but “His Highness” is either totally unaware what his trusted lieutenant who is “not even the dust of his feet” doing behind his back or looking the other way — staying focused on his kingdom dream!

All this kingdom drama started way back in in April 18, 2006. Wahid Baloch sent me a link of a blog that announced the formation of a Government of Balochistan in exile, with its office in Jerusalem, that declared the Khan of Kalat as the King of Balochistan– Wahid Baloch still defends the non-existent GOB in exile as a master stroke. When he is asked to show where the master is he begins cussing, becomes abusive and uses language that is not civil — as if someone is snatching his bread and butter.

I was intrigued when I first read this king of Balochistan in the GOB in exile blog. Not once in my nearly 50 years on Mother Earth did I hear about any king of Balochistan. All that I had ever heard about was hakums, or rulers. The fact is before the use of king title in the spurious Government of Balochistan in exile, there never was any reference.

So I asked “Dostaen Baloch”  what was this drama all about. He explained that the likes of the Khan of Kalat are traditionally so greedy that they run after any size meat thrown at them by the government of Pakistan, so if one dangles this big peace of meat in his face– King of Balochistan — , he will come running after you.

Frankly, being a progressive I thoroughly enjoyed the way he drew an analogy between the future “King of Balochistan” and the four-legged animal with a three-letter name!

Later a nice documentary made by Brooklyn producers and writers Wendy Johnson and Annie Nocenti, told a good story about the Khan of Kalat, but the first few introductory sentences read by Wendy Johnson, who is a close friend of Mir Suleman Daud and co-publisher of the were both historically and politically untrue. Since the main part of the story that the Baloch was “once sovereign nation” was true, the remainder of it whether it was a king or queen or she-king or he-queen who ruled over them seemed inconsequential at the time.

Johnson said, “In 1978 in Pakistan I met a young man who would become the future king of the once sovereign nation, the kingdom of Balochistan.”

Many young men can say so many things to their foreign friends — especially if the person is as beautiful as Wendy Johnson –, and I hope when Wendy Johnson gets a chance from her hectic Brooklyn life she will correct this historical blunder in her documentary. The Baloch don’t like any kings or queens, please.

Likewise, Johnson colleague Annie Nocenti too made a mistake about the king thing. In an article in the CounterPunch she wrote, “Khan of Kalat, which literally means King of the Fort.” Khan means ruler, never a king.

Boycott of the Bangkok conference is a battle of ideas. One of discipline; to let friends and foes alike know how to do things right — almost like keeping unhealthy lice and fleas away from a living human body. The boycott is to let the world know the Baloch want their nation to be genuinely free, neither to be used as proxy nor turned into a kingdom.

As the resistance pressure against some of those attending the conference built up — most of them involved in a smear campaign against the freedom fighters or sarmachars and their leaders –, out of the blue, in the Baloch yahoogroups I saw a statement by an old friend, Professor Sabir Badalkhan and some others arguing in favor of attending the secretive conference.

I was quite upset and posted a letter in the yahoo groups, “The liberation has spoken” addressed to the Baloch intellectuals. It is a strange thing when you write something from the deepest recesses of your heart, it moves readers.

“Initially, my views matched your standpoint but some very alert minds in Canada, U.A.E., Russia and Sweden made me realize I was wrong,” I wrote.

“My humble submission is after the profound statement of Waja Asa Zaffar in Daily Tawar newspaper on February 16, 2010 this debate of to go or not to go, should end once and for all.

“Waja Asa Zaffar is on the exalted position of the president of the Baloch National Movement that was once chaired by our brother, friend and Martyr Ghulam Mohammed Baloch. My salutes to the mothers of Waja Ghulam Mohammed, Lala Munir and Rasool Bakhsh Mengal who gave birth to such brave sons. B.N.M. is a party of martyrs and if its president speaks, we who live in the safety of US and West, should listen and follow.

“About the Bangkok conference, Waja Asa Zaffar said, “Baloch living overseas should do their level best to stop dubious elements from exploiting the Baloch struggle inside Balochistan for their personal benefit.”

“He said in his statement the right to represent the Baloch struggle in international fora rests with only those organizations who are vanguard of the liberation struggle and practically involved in the independence movement and whose actions are visible on the ground in Balochistan.

“Similar is the case with B.R.P. and B.S.O., especially B.S.O. Azad, and all other parties and groups within the Balochistan National Front — they are party of martyrs and we owe our identity to them. Their decision should be final in such matters. We should show utmost respect to each and every word they utter.

“As much as you three wajas [sirs] are honorable, sincere and committed to the Baloch cause, we have to follow the instructions that come from inside Balochistan, not outside. Not from Washington. Not from Beijing. Not from New Delhi. Hope this point is crystal clear to all and sundry.

“It is the brave heroes and heroines inside Balochistan who are carrying on the daily struggle of facing the killings, torture, humilations at the hands of an extremely ruthless and barbaric military. It is the views of these people inside Balochistan whose word should be Gospel for us. For we who live outside Balochistan are nothing minus them.

“The voice of Baloch liberation has spoken: first it was the very powerful statement in Daily Tawar, in whose drafting or release I had no role whatsoever in spite of the blatant, fabricated and uncalled for falsehood that ensued thereafter. I fully support the statement, nonetheless.

[Munir Mengal, known for cooking up stories, cooked up one last weekend and woke up Faiz Baluch in the wee hours of Saturday telling him he asked the Online News Network who issued the Tawar statement and the agency told him it was this scribe [Ahmar Mustikhan] who sent the statement; and when Munir Mengal called and asked me, I told him that I get my directions from Faiz Baluch and issued the statement so on his instructions].

“Then it was the brilliant report in Radio Gwank by Samundar Askani about why Bangkok is suspect, followed by the nice narrative by young Mureed Baluch in

“I am confident in the coming days the other key players in Baluchistan, heroines like Banuk Karima Baloch — our proud daughter, the first girl to be charged with sedition in Pakistan history and member of a family of martyrs –, and other representative organizations in the Baloch National Front would come out with their bold stand on Bangkok.

“We who live outside Balochistan, should humbly bow our heads before the resistance inside Balochistan. Trying to thrust our views on them, no matter how intellectually rich they may sound, will be a fatal blunder. It is them, the blood and tears of the brave daughters and sons inside Balochistan, that has catapulted Balochistan on the regional agenda.

“Likewise, the Three Stars of Baluchistan- – Mir Hyrbyair Marri, Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti and Dr. Allah Nazar — and all other honorable leaders who prove by their daily actions they believe in an independent Balochistan and show political steadfastness must be taken into full confidence on all issues related to Balochistan struggle in international forums. Regardless of their business acumen, no actor from anywhere should try to bypass them.

“Not a leaf should stir without the will of the independence leaders.

“I am sorry to note one of the invitees, Dr. Wahid Baloch is still not showing remorse over his totally uncalled for attacks on Shaheed Ghulam Mohammed Baloch, Lala Munir Baloch and Sher Mohammed Baloch. The last sips of tea that were gulped by these martyrs were turned into a butt of ridicule by him. Everyone can see in his latest explanation he is still justifying why he called Shaheed Ghulam Mohammed an I.S.I. agent, dragging in the issue of John Solecki, in stead of saying he was wrong. Let alone his abuses targeting me, he has once again spewed venom against one of the main symbols of Baloch resistance, an idea and institution Nawab Khair Baksh Marri in the comments section to my write-up under the fake alias of Baloch Talk:

“Dr. Wahid Baloch has the full right to differ with Nawab Marri’s politics and ideology, but is it fair that they call one of our most revered leaders an I.S.I. agent?

“In spite of the harm he tried to inflict on us by reporting us to the F.B.I. we were members of the Baloch Liberation Army we have not put the dirty I.S.I. label on him. At this point he does not represent any credible organization inside or outside Balochistan, other than the shadowy, internet-based GOB in exile. I will request the powers-that-be to please control this Popeye the Sailor, who after eating spinach thinks he can knock out the world.

“Dr. Jumma Marri has yet to explain how his once-legendary father Mir Hazar Khan Ramkhani has become the Pakistan military point-man in virgin Baloch territories? It is still not too late for him to return into the mainstream resistance.

“The Baloch resistance has very wisely sensed they will be waylaid by quite a few shadowy thugs if they go to Bangkok. I fully endorse their decision.

“Once again, please end this Bangkok debate. The resistance has spoken.

Balochistan sabz baat

To my above statement in favor of the resistance decision, Wahid Baloch responded in public discussion forums [please bear with me readers but this is what he wrote and as a citizen journalist I do want to show to the entire world the dirty minds of people who attack the main ideologue of the Baloch liberation struggle, Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri, as an I.S.I. agent]:

I even will not spit on you leave alone to use my precious time to read your garbage tabloid writings and blog or post anyting over there. You are nothing to me, a piece of stincky sh*t, with whom I will not get my hands dirty. You are a piece of trash. I have no buisness with you, nor I know you. So, stop sh*tting around and spreading lies against me.
Dear Friends, Please ignore this fag. I have NOT written anything against respected Nawab Khair Bux Marri. I have a great respect for him and for his entire famliy. I know this Fag is trying very hard to create a rift among us, the Baloch diaspora but he will miserably fail. He seems to be very sick in his mind. He is very frsutrated person, trying very hard to seek some attention but no body is giving him any and that’s why is going insane and resorting to spread sh*t everywhere. He think he can use fake aliases to post comments on his blog and then responds to them by himself using a different alias to fool people, distort the facts and spread lies and everybody will believe or buy these BS? He is seriously mistaken. I requset all of you to please ignore this fag and don’t waste your precious times to read his garbages.

I really felt sorry for the honorable Vikram Sood, former chief of the Research and Analysis Wing and now vice president of the Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi, and also for his predecessor  B. Raman because their articles are religiously posted on the web site run by the man who wrote the aforementioned epithets. Is this the quality of a great democracy like India?

I also feel sorry for the Khan of Kalat as in North America the same man claims he represents Mir Suleman Daud.

I feel the resistance was fully justified to boycott the Bangkok proceedings if Munr Mengal opted to invite people like Wahid Baloch and Jumma Marri.

But though Mengal violated the basic demand of the resistance to provide them with a list of those attending the conference, he still tried to use the speeches of one of the main leaders, Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch to show to the world he is linked. According to sources close to Dr. Allah Nazar, he has no connection whatsoever with Munir Mengal.

The only significant person with whom Munir Mengal had any links was Dr. Imdad Baloch, who says Mengal is a cheat.

Mengal, an apolitical animal, did not ask Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch — or for that matter the two other leaders of the troika — what he was doing before opening his expensive office in Paris in a secretive manner as if it was his personal business.

In fact, initially even after I saw one could not trust Munir Mengal’s words — he dragged my name in a lie over a news statement announcing the resistance boycott — I pleaded someone from the resistance must go to Bangkok for diplomacy’s sake. But a dear friend and fellow columnist Hafeez Hassanabadi advised me Balochistan has not been liberated and does not need a Henry Kissinger as yet.

Many think the funding for the Bangkok conference came from Indian donors. “Had India been a friend, it would have openly supported our struggle in stead of maintaining a silence,” says Hyrbyair Marri, a member of the Baloch liberation troika.

Meanwhile, Munir Mengal got what he deserved: a message of support from Wahid Baloch on his web site — Wahid baloch claims he could not go to Bangkok because of a death threat from the freedom-lovers or sarmachars.

In his message to Munir Mengal, Wahid Baloch wrote:

“Dear friends, It is unfortunate that I’m not here personally present with you all to celebrate the success of this conference, but believe me my heart and mind is with you all. I was told by some of the anti-Baloch, anti-conference elements to not come to this conference, or else I should bring my coffin with me.”

According to Wahid Baloch, he received an email that read:

“Waja Dr. Wahid Sahib,

“If you are coming to Bangkok for this conference, bring your coffin with you.

Baloch Sarmchar”

The email address from which the alleged threat came is given as

But emails can easily be self sent, and Wahid Baloch and Jumma Marri are masters of such deception. In any case, many Baloch question what kind of a Baloch is Wahid Baloch because if he is sincere in what he believes he would not be deterred by threats given on email.

Wahid Baloch  is simply lying. In a lighter vein,  in Baloch culture a long nose is regarded as a sign of beauty and living in America for so long Wahid Baloch has also become Pinochio. Guess who is Pinochio?

A young American girl at my workplace told me a joke about Pinochio that I could not help but jot down for this piece. She asked me, “Have you heard the joke about Pinochio?” I said no. She said “Every time Pinochio lies, his nose grows longer!”

Imtiaz Baloch, a dedicated activist from Toronto without naming Jumma Marri or Wahid Baloch attacks on Nawab Marri, said, “They say in Balochi that if you spit on the moon, the spit lands right back on your face. History is very cruel in exposing people. But again the onus lies upon us the Baloch, how we treat these people in the future. Either treat them as poodle or leave them behind and continue on with our struggle.”

Another mysterious thing happened in Bangkok. Pakistanis protested in front of the hotel where the conference was in progress and where active members of the resistance were invited, but who wisely stayed away. The picture was on the B.B.C. website.

The mastermind behind the conference was a gentleman named Nagesh Bhushan, who is a common friend of Dr. Jumma Marri, Wahid Baloch, Munir Mengal and Wendy Johnson and publisher of a web site named IntelliBriefs. Bhushan’s web site announced the days of the sardar is over.

The first day of conference began with a protest by some Pakistanis in front of the hotel where the conference is being held. There were about a dozen protesters carrying placards which said “Stop the Event”, and “We reject Feudal Lords”, assuming the meeting was a forum for Baloch sardars and feudal lords. Ironically, inside the conference hall, there was an unanimous position that the days of the Sardars were over and a new generation of Baloch leadership is emerging on the horizon to lead the Baloch resistance movement.


A main question, is when the venue of the conference was secret, how did the protesters come to know about it? This protest was clearly manipulated to shame the resistance over its boycott. “Munir Mengal was in Bangkok many days in advance; he might have organized it himself,” said Hassanabadi, an uncle of former senator Sanaullah Baloch. When master schemers like Jumma Marri and Munir Mengal join hands the sky is the limit!

[Videos] The poverty of the entire philosophy apart, the level of seriousness can be judged by the fact that the name of Balochistan is misspelled in the insignia as Blocishtan! Mengal is said to have duped the sponsors he has the resistance in his pocket.

That the conference was the work of non-Baloch hands and minds was clear from the misspellings of even very basic words. The correct spelling of the Baloch people in plural is either the Baloch or Balochs, but this very basic name is misspelled as Balochis throughout the concept notes! If there is so little respect for the basic names, what intellectual value can one attach to the rest of the exercise.

My heart bleeds..

Bangkok, beer, beauties and Balochistan — is a deadly mix. Maybe Jumma Marri, Munir Mengal and Wahid Baloch are perfect for such undertakings. My salutes to the resistance for staying away from it.

Source: NowPublic

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