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Bangkok Conference, a view point

Dr. Zaffar BalochI believe that the whole debate on the so-called Baloch conference in Bangkok has nothing to do with the conference itself and how things will unfold in the coming days shall prove it that it never was. The representatives of the ‘non-existent’ in the Baloch nationalist movement today, out of fear of becoming irrelevant, feel the need to establish an international club to prove their worth.  The need for a separate identity by this vested interest group on the international scene is being felt for the simple reason that they cannot market the Baloch resistance for their personal gains much longer. What they could not control through their websites, they attacked maliciously with slander to reconstruct a murky view for the outsider about the movement and its leaders.

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Kingdom dreams: ‘fake protest’ as Baloch blood sold in Bangkok

by Ahmar Mustikhan

Can someone please convey my salutes to my political mother, the mother of my slain friend Dr. Khalid Shaheed and tell the Tigress of Mekran I am proud of her. Wrinkled face, dressed in black with determination written on her face she makes a victory sign — Balochistan shall become independent. Tell my Mekran martyr’s mother, I love her as much as I love my own mother.

Barely five feet, the dimunitive Khalid Shaheed was a towering figure in the liberation war. He was a pillar of the Baloch resistance against the foreign occupation of Balochistan — land of the Baloch –, in the generally docile Mekran division.
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