Bangkok Conference, a view point

Dr. Zaffar BalochI believe that the whole debate on the so-called Baloch conference in Bangkok has nothing to do with the conference itself and how things will unfold in the coming days shall prove it that it never was. The representatives of the ‘non-existent’ in the Baloch nationalist movement today, out of fear of becoming irrelevant, feel the need to establish an international club to prove their worth.  The need for a separate identity by this vested interest group on the international scene is being felt for the simple reason that they cannot market the Baloch resistance for their personal gains much longer. What they could not control through their websites, they attacked maliciously with slander to reconstruct a murky view for the outsider about the movement and its leaders.

The other important point to note is that they want to create confusion, distrust, and division amongst the Baloch Diaspora, which for the first time in history is emerging as an organized voice representing the Baloch struggle in the western democracies. If it simply were a matter of difference of opinion, as some of us might think, then there would have been a serious representation of political behaviour and thought. The forces of resistance and its leadership were blatantly attacked with a campaign of disinformation while they were being handed invitations for the conference. This is not a matter of ‘oops’, ‘sorry’, ‘made a mistake’ and ‘lets be brothers again’ – this is an ongoing calculated move by this group that is here to stay. So lets get used to it. And decide where you stand.

You must have noticed by now that I am not naming names. They don’t matter and should not be given any more importance than they have already sanctioned for themselves. The level of political awareness amongst the Diasporas today is capable of sensing and successfully stopping such a conspiracy in its tracks. Nevertheless, due to its parasitic nature, the group would want to exploit the good name and offices of Khan of Kalat to raise their stature for marketing purposes in the international forums. For his sake and the future of Balochistan, I hope that His Excellency’s wisdom shall prevail and the petty interests of the group will be exposed and defeated.


Zaffar Baloch
Toronto, Canada.


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3 responses to “Bangkok Conference, a view point

  1. @Jumma

    Unity term is being used by pro-state why?

    Jumma’s father working unity, thats sound what??

  2. balouchboy

    I know very well why some baloch are against that conference , infact they did not get ticket from orgnizer :::

    well next time hope they will get ticket :


  3. Juma Baloch

    After reading the point of view of zaffer Baloch I have been clear about the intention of organizers of Bangkok conference. Some of our friends are still calling for unity among Baloch political activist. Even though slogan of unity sounds good but the question is unity for what? To spread disinformation about the leadership that is carrying the flag of independence inside Balochistan, or to promote those who have no following inside Balochistan. People who call our Shaheed’s ISI agents, or followers of Sardar how can we accept them in our fold. Have anybody seen the joke on a website that say “I was told by some of the anti-Baloch, anti-conference elements to not come to this conference, or else I should bring my coffin with me” I mean there are ways to promote oneself but this the cheapest ways anybody can think of. We can see that the main organiser of event was not threaten he goes but this guy comes up with a story on top of he says “If they think that they can harass, intimidate and threaten Baloch activists to make them quit they are seriously mistaken.” Come on what a joke if he says he was not intimidated than why didn’t he go?

    Sorry to say if anybody thinks these three stooges can provide any political leadership to Baloch Diaspora or Baloch nation in Balochistan are mistaken. These people are not even capable of providing any intellectual guidance to the nation. It is better to leave them do what they are good at, and we use our strength to support the leadership that is genially fighting the war of independence of Balochistan on the ground.

    Juma Baloch

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