Kandahar: Attempted attack on Baloch refugees, 2 Pakistanis arrested

Many Baloch families have sought refuge in Afghanistan, in order to escape from persecution and extrajudicial murders by Pakistan Army.

There have been frequent attacks on Baloch refugees in Afghanistan, as a result of which many were killed. Baloch and Pashtun circles blame Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) for these attacks.

According to the latest information, the Taliban government has arrested two suspicious persons from the southern province of Kandahar in Afghanistan, they were pretending to be Taliban and going through the homes of Baloch refugees collecting information.

An Afghan government official confirmed the arrest of two persons and said, the suspects confessed to be paid assassins, sent by Pakistan to target Baloch families, the accused also identified the official of the Pakistani consulate in Kandahar, who had given them the addresses of the Baloch refugees.

It is noteworthy, that a month ago, a Baloch migrant was shot dead in front of his house in Nimroz, the Baloch-majority province of Afghanistan.

Last month, Taliban officials arrested a five-member cell of Pakistani intelligence agencies from Spin Boldak, who were trained in Chaman, Pakistan and were assigned to attack Baloch refugees.

Source: The Balochistan Post

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