Baloch no longer tolerate illegal occupation of their land, UN should intervene: Hyrbyair Marri

London: Baloch patriot leader Hyrbyair Marri has strongly condemned Pakistani security forces attack on a Masjid (Mosque) and houses of innocent people in Kharan, Balochistan. “The barbarity that Pakistan’s occupying forces showed when ransacking the Masjid and during the house-to-house search illustrates the frustration of a psychologically defeated army. The abduction of innocent youth and elderly people is an indication that Pakistan’s military considers themselves above the International Human Rights laws”, he said.

He further said observing 11 August as Baloch Independence Day and 14 August as black day was a clear message from Baloch nation that the Baloch people no longer accept Pakistan’s occupation over their land. “After this clear message from Baloch youth the Pakistani security forces could not hold their frustration and they attacked worshipers while they were busy offering their Taraweeh, a required prayer Muslims perform during the holy month of Ramdhan. They [Islamic] forces of Pakistan entered the Masjid with their shoes on and dragged the worshipers out before beating them up inside the Masjid.” Similarly Baloch children and women were harassed and sanctity of houses was violated when they carried a house-to-house search operation, Mr Marri said.

Hyrbyair Marri said it was a matter of great concern that religious forces protest about atrocities against Muslims around world but they turn a blind eye on killing of Baloch Muslims in Balochistan. He said FC and other forces of Pakistan abduct Baloch youth and elderly, tortures them, declares them apostates and kill them in custody while loudly chanting Allah-o-Akbar [God is Great]. He said, “This very same Muslim army disrespected the holy Quran when they entered in my house in Quetta, The Pakistani military intelligence and their local religious fanatics stole all the valuables and sprayed the house with petrol and set it on fire. They also carried out inhuman brutal operation in Kharan, Kohistan Marri and other areas of Balochistan.”

The Baloch leader said “such actions of Pakistani forces are not surprising for us because they entered the Khana-e-Kaaba’a [House of God], the Muslims holy place in Saudi Arab, with their shoes on and murdered people; they killed Muslim Bengalis and raped their women.” However, Mr Marri said, he was shocked at the behaviour of some Baloch politicians who present irrational arguments in defence of state barbarism and try to mislead people. He said Baloch are asking for the freedom from Pakistan’s illegal occupation, and then the Pakistani forces in retaliation attack the houses of innocent people in the middle of night.

He further said that Baloch were serious and united for their freedom than ever before and they are adamant to get rid of Pakistan’s slavery forever. He said those Baloch who still think Pakistan’s Parliament can help them save their identity should have a serious look at breadth and width of Balochistan and ask themselves about the fallen bodies of innocent Baloch and military incursions in Dera Bugti, Kohistan Marri, Quetta, Makuran, Awaran, Mashky, Khuzdar, Totak, Besima, Noshki, Daalbandeen and all four corners of Balochistan. Mr Marri said Pakistani forces have violated the sanctity of Baloch houses, burnt Baloch villages to ashes. “Those who are willing to take part in Pakistan election cannot justify their actions to the families of thousands of abducted Baloch. They have no formula to stop state terrorism in Balochistan”, Hyrbyair Marri said.

He said over one hundred people have been arrested during search operation in Kharan including elderly people and children age sixteen (16). He said around fifty people have been released but the rest, which are over 50 people, are still being held at some undisclosed location. The arrested include several members of same family due to which their family are left stranded. He said International Human rights Organisations and Human Rights activists in Pakistan should be concerned about the fact that local authorities and police were not allowed to take part in this operation – the FC alone conducted the operation.

Baloch leader Hyrbyair Marri has appealed the International Human Rights Organisations and the UN to intervene in Balochistan put pressure on Pakistan and play their due role to resolve the Baloch issue. For the peace in the entire region Pakistan should be forced to give a time frame of withdrawal and recognise Balochistan’s pre 1947 condition as an independent state.

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