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It’s a no-win situation – Say No to election under Occupation

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Balochistan’s Unintended Fatal Contact with Pakistan – By Dr. Shahswar K.

Initially there was no connection between Baluchistan and the phenomenon of Pakistan except one. This connection, as it happened, became one of the most disastrous and destructive calamity known to Baluch history. Baluch approached an Indian (Gujarati) lawyer Jinnah Poonja, later named as Mohammad Ali Jinnah, and then employed him as a legal advisor to Khan of Kalat. The main reason for employing a lawyer, however, was to pursue their deepest desire to regain their independence from Britain. To this end, they needed a professional legal adviser. Jinnah accepted the offer and acted as mouthpiece of the established order. His stance at this time was fundamentally at odd with the notion of Pakistan. In all probability, the thought of Pakistan had never crossed his mind or if it did he met it with a good deal of incredulity and disbelief. He was for peaceful coexistence of Hindus and Muslims under British rule.

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