Baloch Genocide continues: Two more Baloch missing persons Killed and Dump

Occupied Balochistan: Two bodies found on 23 November 2011 from Mand near the mountain of Shiraz have been identified as Jalil Ahmed Reki Baloch and Mohammed Younis Baloch.

According to details Levies forces found two bullets riddled bodies from the mountains of Shiraz in Mand. A gun and an abandoned motorcycle were also found near the bodies. After 24 hours when they could not be identified, the bodies were then shifted to District Headquarter Hospital Turbat. The bodied were later identified by their relatives in Turbat.

Jalil Ahmed Reki Baloch was the central information secretary of Balochistan Republican Party and was missing since February 13, 2009. His father Abdul Qadeer Reki who is also the Vice Chairmen of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons told the reporters that his son was abducted by intelligence agencies on 13 February 2009 during the day when he was walking home from Friday prayers, near a girls’ school at Chowk Kechi on Saryab Road in Quetta. He said I had filed case against the enforce disappearance of my son in Balochistan High Court, Pakistan Supreme Court and to the Judicial Commission on missing persons but they did nothing. He said in the presence of Amna Masood Janjua and others Chief Minister of Balochistan Nawab Aslam Khan Raisani acknowledged that Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) have abducted my son and his comrades, but was reluctant to say it in the court. Till now 315 mutilated bodies of Baloch missing person have been found, even after finding the dead body of my son, he said, my struggle for save recovery of all Baloch missing persons will continue. I am proud of my son he has sacrificed his life for Baloch motherland. He said Jalil Reki has two children, 5 year old son Beurag Baloch and a daughter Wash Bakht.

Mohammed Younis Baloch was an activist of Baloch National Movement from Panjgur, his family also accused the Pakistani state intelligence agencies for his death. Giving details they said he was abducted by Iranian intelligence agencies on 22 June 2011 where he went to condolence a death in the family. He was handed over to state of Pakistan on 16 August 2011 and they tortured him to death in-custody.

Meanwhile, Nasrullah Baloch, chairman of the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, said the recovered bodies of Reki and Younus Baloch were a slap on the face of rulers and the organisations dispensing justice. He asked international human rights organisations to take notice of the incidents of abduction, extra judicial killings and recovery of decomposed dead bodies of Baloch people.

BNM Chairman Khalil Baloch also paid tribute to both Reki and Younus, saying that both the political activists faced mental agony and physical torture before being killed. He said that every dead body was providing fuel for the Baloch struggle for independence.

BRP Spokesman Sher Mohammad Bugti said the recovery of dead bodies reflected the continuation of the state’s policy of genocide towards the Baloch nation. He said that Jalil and Younus had followed Baloch martyred Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, Nawabzada Balach Marri and hundreds of others who had laid their lives for their motherland. He said that over 300 dead bodies of Baloch missing persons had been thrown in the streets since June 2010.

He said the party has announced 40 days of mourning and has given a call for a three-day shut down throughout the Balochistan to protest the killing of its central leader at the hands of intelligence agencies.

Source: Balochwarna, BUC

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