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Baloch Genocide continues: Two more Baloch missing persons Killed and Dump

Occupied Balochistan: Two bodies found on 23 November 2011 from Mand near the mountain of Shiraz have been identified as Jalil Ahmed Reki Baloch and Mohammed Younis Baloch.

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PAKISTAN: The High Court is unable to recover a man from illegal military detention after 15 months


ISSUES: Arbitrary arrest and detention; disappearances; military

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Mr. Jalil Ahmed Reki Baloch

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has learned that a man is still missing fifteen months after his arrest by plain clothed intelligence agents, and despite admissions by officials that he is in custody. Although the Supreme Court has made strong efforts to address the issue of disappearances in Pakistan it remains unable to hold military staff, such as those from the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) Agency answerable for illegal arrests and detentions. The father of the missing man was only able to file a police report a year after his son’s disappearance.
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