REPORT: The year 2010 for Baloch & Balochistan

Detailed Report on Balochistan, year 2010

Special Thanks to Sagaar Publications (BSO-Azaad)

Detailed Report on Balochistan Year 2010

For detail report in PDF version [Click here]

Another year passes of subjugation, oppression, systematic genocide and exploitation for Baloch nation, yet it is another year that Baloch nation is struggling to regain its national rights.

Year 2010 has proved to be another year through which Baloch nation faced barbaric crimes by Pakistan and Iran, each day passed in the search of the thousands of loved ones which have been abducted by these occupying states, each day passed in memorizing the ideas that the principled people had, who were murdered by these imperialistic states, each day passed in the mourning of the humiliation that Balochs faced, but in the presence of Baloch national armies and pro Independence Baloch political parties each day brought a new hope for a better future, each day brought new strength to fight the cruelties of Pakistan and Iran, each day brought a vision of peace and prosperity and this hope is what is keeping Baloch strong and willing to take this movement of regaining our sovereignty to new heights.

Sagaar publications, on the on goings in Balochistan for the year 2010 have gathered as much information possible to highlight the atrocities committed by Pakistan and Iran against Baloch nation, though due to the inaccessibility of many areas in Balochistan and the threats that these states pose on the reporters of the incidents, Sagaar publications believes that the incidents that we are reporting might only be 30 to 40 percent proportion of the atrocities that are being carried out against Baloch nation by Pakistan and 10 to 15 percent of the atrocities that Iran has committed. We would be pleased if any of our readers likes to add any particular incident of human rights abuse which has not yet been reported or has been missed by Sagaar.

In the year 2010, total 144 Balochs have been martyred by Pakistan and Iran, out of which 102 Balochs were murdered by Pakistan and 32 Balochs by Iran. These murders were either committed directly or covertly using other names and organizations. Similarly 107 Balochs have been abducted in total, 104 abducted by Pakistan and the rest by Iran. These Balochs are the ones who have not been presented to any court and are perhaps kept in the secret torture cells which both the countries have. In the incidents where these states have fired upon innocent civilians, 508 Balochs were injured all together, 505 of them were injured by Pakistan and 3 Balochs by Iran. The Balochs who have been arrested by these states are 652 in total; Pakistan arrested 640 Balochs and Iran 12 Balochs. Cases of mental and physical harassment and humiliation could only be collected on Pakistani occupied Balochistan, which reach the number of 7223. Properties of Balochs which have been destroyed by both the states cost about 123.5 million, out of which 37 million amount of valuables were looted and 86.5 million worth of assets were burnt or destroyed directly or through indirect means such as the poisoning of water ponds. Total number of people displaced either by the construction of military garrisons or due to military operations were 45750 only in this year. Total number of demonstrations staged inside and outside Balochistan were 713, hunger strikes were held for more than 225 days, 95 rallies were carried out and for 47 days shutter down was observed in different areas of Balochistan which were particularly staged with regards to the human rights abuses in Balochistan, though even this number could not break the silence of the International Community.

These figures are meant to make Baloch nation realize that even these atrocities could not break its struggle for regaining Balochistan’s independence. With the beginning of a new year, Baloch Students Organization (Azaad) clearifies the international decision makers that Baloch nation would not halt its struggle, and all the decision being made on Balochistan must have the consent of Baloch nation, and appeals Baloch nation to stand more firmly for their rights and prove to the world that this nation would not surrender on the rights that it has.

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